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Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be challenging with so many styles to consider. To help you make an informed decision, we've created this guide. With the right information, you'll feel confident in selecting the ring style that suits you best.

How to Choose a Ring Style

There is no set way for choosing an engagement ring style as it's such a personal choice. Most of the time, you’ll figure out which style suits you simply by looking around and viewing as many different rings as possible before making your purchase. So make sure you take your time and explore your options, we often find that customers might have their heart set on a specific style but when they see the wide array of rings out there their opinion is swayed. For example, you might have your sights set on a round cut solitaire ring but after trying different styles you might choose to opt for an emerald cut trilogy ring. The possibilities are endless!

Engagement Ring Trends

Just as with anything else, engagement ring trends come and go, so it's important to choose a style not based on passing fads but on your own personal taste. Your engagement ring is a symbol of your lifelong love and commitment, so it’s important to choose a style that resonates with you and will continue to do so for years to come.

Different Ring Styles

There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing an engagement ring style so knowing what's out there is an important part of finding the perfect one. If you would like to learn more about different gemstone cuts and how they affect the appearance of a ring then read our full guide on gemstone shapes!

Solitaire Rings

The solitaire engagement ring is a classic, understated design which includes one centre stone sitting solo atop a band. This style has gained significant popularity in recent years with lots of celebs opting for this design, including Hailey Bieber! While the solitaire is a simple design, you can make it as individual as you like by opting for alternative gemstones such as a brightly coloured sapphire, a salt and pepper diamond or a tourmaline. You can also choose a more alternative setting such as a bezel setting for a different look or opt for a pave band if you’re looking for more sparkle from a solitaire ring.

Trilogy Rings

A trilogy engagement ring, also known as a three stone ring, is another classic choice. This style has a central stone and two (often smaller - but not always) gemstones either side. The solitaire is a versatile choice as it holds various gemstones of different cuts and carat weights, allowing you to express your personality and creativity. It's also an excellent option for those seeking a vintage or antique style ring, as its been a classic design for centuries!

Halo Rings

Halo rings are a glamorous and glitzy choice as these rings have a band of gemstones (often diamonds) which encompass the centre stone. The halo also makes the centre stone appear larger and more brilliant as the light reflects between all the gemstones. Perfect for those who love a bit of extra glamour, the halo ring combines elegance with a touch of dramatic flair, ensuring your ring is the star of the show.

Cluster Rings

Cluster rings feature multiple stones grouped together to form intricate, eye-catching patterns. This style can draw inspiration from antique rings, often arranging smaller gemstones in floral patterns. Alternatively, cluster rings can embrace a modern aesthetic, showcasing asymmetric designs and unique shapes.

Dainty and Delicate Engagement Rings

Dainty engagement rings are the perfect choice if you’re after a ring that is understated and more low-key. This style of ring will often include a smaller centre stone and designs that aren’t too bold, so delicate engagement rings are a perfect choice for those who are after a more subtle look.

Band Styles

There are many different styles of band to choose from, it's not just straight, plain bands here! Depending on whether you’re looking for a wedding or an engagement ring, there are a few different designs to choose from.

Gemstone Band

A gemstone band is where the ring has gemstones included not just in the setting but also the actual band; these gemstones can cover the whole of the shank or stop halfway around. There are a few different types of gemstone bands to choose from, such as pave or channel setting. Take a look at our ring anatomy guide to learn more about these types of bands.

Shaped Wedding Rings/Bands

If you’re looking for a wedding ring that fits seamlessly around your engagement ring, then consider choosing a shaped wedding band. This is where the band curves around the engagement ring so nothing is lost or hidden, it's a great way to draw attention to the centre stone or show off a gemstone wedding band.

Split Shank

Another option is a split shank, where the band (also known as the shank) splits into two or more strands as it approaches the centre stone, creating a small gap between the strands. This design enhances the ring's appearance and draws more attention to the central gemstone. Take a look at our rings Stevie and India for some split shank inspiration.

Engraved Band

An engraved or patterned ring is a type of band that has some kind of design engraved into the shank. The pattern can either be on the inside or the outside of the band and can be combined with diamonds or other gemstones. Our Penelope ring is a great example of how a pattern can be intertwined with diamonds!  

Browse Engagement Ring Styles

Looking for some inspiration? Scroll through some of our favourite engagement ring styles and find one that speaks to you...

Alternative/Modern Engagement Rings

Modern engagement rings are all about blending tradition with contemporary flair. They often feature unique and unconventional designs, such as asymmetrical settings, mixed metals, and alternative gemstones like sapphires and salt and pepper diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds and ethical sourcing have also become important factors in recent years, reflecting a growing awareness of sustainability. Sleek lines, minimalist aesthetics, and personalised elements make modern engagement rings a perfect expression of individuality and forward-thinking style.

At Jessica Flinn we love working with unique gemstones such as salt and pepper diamonds and tourmalines, as well as using alternative gemstone cuts in our rings like hexagons, kites and geometric cut gemstones to create a modern and unique look. 

Design Your Own Bespoke Ring

If you still feel like you haven’t found your perfect style then consider a custom or bespoke engagement ring. At Jessica Flinn we have a one-of-a-kind design your own tool where you can choose from our rings and change the metal and gemstones.

If you’re considering going bespoke then we can assist you in designing your own ring from scratch, our team are on hand to collaborate with you and make sure you leave with your dream ring. Book an appointment today to begin your bespoke engagement ring journey.

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