From our Dainty Deco collection to our other petite stunners, if you’re looking for a delicate engagement ring, Jessica Flinn has got your back. 

With slim bands and miniature sparkles, there's nothing better than a ring that feels like it's been expertly crafted down to every tiny detail. And with dainty engagement rings, the details are what we fall for.

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Dainty Engagement Rings

They say good things come in small packages, and what could be better than a package that contains a Jessica Flinn dainty engagement ring? From celestial clusters that make you think that the stars have aligned, to art-deco decadence oozing with sophistication, there's a dainty ring to suit every hand.

If you’re looking to pop the question with one of our delicate delights, we’re here to help with sussing out sizes. With our dedicated team to offer advice, and a helpful guide available here, you're sure to get the perfect fit.

Big Quality, Small Details.

Are you head over heels for one of our existing designs, but would like to take it from dramatic to delicate? Speak to the team about our bespoke and custom engagement ring design services!

Our team will offer advice and support at every step along the way so you can be sure you will end up with a dainty engagement ring that will stand the test of time. Even with rings with details as delicate as these, you can be sure you won’t be downsizing on quality.

Book an appointment here with the team today to get your dainty engagement ring started!