Struggling to tie some string around your partner’s finger while they sleep? Can you not trust their sibling to keep a secret?

Fear not! Our ring sizer tool is here to help get you within three sizes so that you can be confident that the ring will either fit, or can be easily resized once you’ve popped the question.

All our designs can be resized either three sizes up, or three sizes down, so use this tool to get you in the right ballpark.

Simply make sure the rectangle is the same size as a bank card, and then use the circles to see which one is the closest fit to the ring you’ve secretly stolen from your partner. Once you’ve made your decision, let us know, and we’ll get the ring resized and ready for you.

Please be aware that this is designed to help you find a rough estimation of your partner’s ring size. The best method for ring sizing will always be measuring the finger with one of our ring sizers, which can be found here, or coming to our showroom to have your finger measured by our team. All our rings come with one free resize within three months of delivery, if this hasn’t already been used at point of purchase.