Shield Cut Engagement Rings

Looking for something unique? Look no further than shield cut engagement rings! These heavenly gems are the perfect choice for anyone with an alternative vision that they want to let shine. With salt and pepper sparkles and diamond set halos to die for, these rings have everything!
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Geometrically Gorgeous Engagement Rings

With Art Deco at their core, these geometrically gorgeous stones have all the sparkle you could ever wish for. If you're looking for something stand-out and stunning, these shield cut engagement rings are for you.

We don't just do stunning, we’ve got sustainable down, too! At Jessica Flinn we are committed to making ethical pieces of fine jewellery. With lab grown alternatives and 100% recycled gold available for every made to order and custom ring, you can be sure that your shield cut engagement ring comes with a sustainable option on offer!

Find out more about our ethical pledge here.

Custom Shield Cut Engagement Rings

Fallen for shield cut engagement rings, but yet to find your perfect match? Talk to our team about creating your dream ring!

Maybe you’ve fallen for one of our loose gemstones, and you’d like to re-create one of our existing designs? Or you might already have a vision and you want us to help you make it a reality! Whatever you’re looking for, our expert team is on hand to help.

Visit our luxury sheffield-based showroom, or book in for a virtual appointment, and we will get to work!

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