Tourmaline Engagement Rings

There’s no moment more special than when you ask the person you love to marry you, why not remember that moment forever with one of our breathtaking tourmaline engagement rings?

With a rainbow of exquisite colours at your fingertips, and an alluring design for every taste, you’re sure to find your perfect match with our collection of engagement rings.

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A Rainbow of Tourmaline

From pink to green and back again, tourmaline comes in a mesmerising variety of hues, all beautifully set in a treasure trove of stunning designs. There is no need to settle for just one colour either! Watermelon tourmalines are also available in a juicy mix of pinks and greens to make your tourmaline engagement ring dreams come true.

Available as part of our design your own service, a tourmaline engagement ring of your own creation could be with you in 6-8 weeks! Select the design, metal, and stone of your choice to view an instant mock-up. Access our design your own engagement ring tool can be found here.

Make Tourmaline Engagement Rings Your Own

Not only does tourmaline come in many dazzling shades, there’s also many cuts and shapes to choose from. If you’d like to see our existing tourmaline engagement rings, or any of our loose gemstones in person, book an appointment to visit the showroom! Our expert team will talk you through your options to make sure you’re delighted with the tourmaline you take home.

If you’re looking for a tourmaline that’s extra special to go in a ring you’d like to create, you can find out more about our bespoke ring design service here.