Engagement and Wedding Ring Sets

At Jessica Flinn, our engagement and wedding ring sets are crafted to ensure seamless harmony. Whether you have a sleek and modern vision or a classic style in mind, our collection has something just for you. Take your pick from our range of engagement and wedding ring designs – you can customise your set by choosing the perfect gemstone, style and metal type.
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Charming Coordination for Your Engagement & Wedding Bands

Find a wedding ring set that looks stunning when worn separately or together.

Whether you prefer a classic or modern style, getting your engagement ring and wedding band from the same place ensures they complement each other flawlessly.

Let our engagement and wedding ring set designs be the cherry on top of your wedding bliss, stealing hearts and turning heads wherever you go.

Endless Options for Your Unique Ring Pairing

Now you’ve found your perfect match, it’s time to find the perfect ring match. Let us bring your vision to life with our expert engagement and wedding ring customisation services. Work with us to craft the ultimate ring for you, or select one of our ready to ship sets!

When pairing an engagement ring with a wedding ring, it's important to think about how the styles will complement one another. So, finding a cohesive set from the same jeweller guarantees a stylish duo.

Why not simplify your search and book an appointment for both rings? Not only is it convenient, but it also guarantees a compatible and stylish set that you'll cherish forever.