Pear Engagement Rings

Step into the world of elegance with our stunning pear engagement rings. Each piece radiates beauty and grace, embodying the start of a special journey together, filled with shared moments and cherished memories. Explore our curated selection of ready-to-ship rings or design a one-of-a-kind pear-shaped engagement ring that truly represents you.

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Exude Endless Sparkle With a Pear Cut Engagement Ring

Having evolved from the marquise cut, pear-shaped rings have adapted over time to cater to various styles. The tear-drop shape is often associated with tears of joy that represent the emotional bond of a couple.  

As a perfect blend of the marquise cut and round cut diamond, pear shaped rings are an ideal choice for those who want a bold diamond with a dainty edge. This style of cut ranges from single solitaires to vintage-inspired designs and unique variations featuring clusters, standalone diamonds, and colourful stones. These options are perfect for individuals seeking a traditional engagement ring with a distinctive twist.

Infinite Options for Your Pear Engagement Ring

The pear-cut diamond stands out with its distinctively soft curve and striking point, making it a unique choice among diamond cuts. Resembling a glistening water droplet, this timeless teardrop diamond shape is one of the most highly sought-after rings on the market.

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