Ruby Engagement Rings

For a beauty that is as unique as your love, look no further than our array of ruby engagement rings. From recycled yellow gold to rose gold, white gold, or platinum bands, the choice is yours to personalise to your taste. Choose a timeless ruby engagement ring, adorned with its resilient and spectacular scarlet gemstone to act as the classic colour pop for your engagement.
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Timeless Ruby Engagement Rings

Embrace the brilliance that's as striking as it is classic with our dazzling array of ruby engagement rings. The role of the ruby is timeless. For years, the boldly coloured gem has been a staple in engagement rings across cultures and time periods.

The red gemstone evokes the notion of passion and love and can vary from a dark reddish-brown to a bright cherry-red stone. Ruby engagement rings are a distinctive choice for those seeking something a little more unique and can even be paired with our ethically sourced diamonds.

Endless Options for Your Ruby Engagement Ring

Looking for something truly one-of-a-kind? You're in luck! Explore a world of possibilities with our stunning rubies to design your dream ring. At Jessica Flinn, our collection features everything from classic round cuts to captivating shapes like emerald, pear, hexagon, and oval - each choice lets you add your personal touch.

Whether it's popping the question, celebrating a big achievement, or marking a special anniversary, make sure the moment shines with the perfect ruby ring. We're here to help you find your match.

Better yet, book an appointment with one of our experts to design and create the sapphire engagement ring of your dreams.