At Jessica Flinn we like to do things a little differently. We create beautiful non-traditional forever rings using unusual diamonds and gemstones. Inspired by Art Deco styling, modernity and symmetry, each ring is packed with personality, to be loved be someone with an equally dazzling personality.

We call our rings ‘forever rings’ because we believe each piece tells a story. It captures a moment in time; an engagement, a wedding, a birth, an achievement or a gift to say ‘I love me’. These moments are precious. By choosing to symbolise a moment with a ring, you can wear it as a daily reminder, and use it to tell your story for generations to come.


Jessica is our founder, lead designer and resident gemstone expert. She created her first collection in a small studio in the industrial quarter of Sheffield, winning multiple awards and receiving national recognition.

Four years ago, Jessica moved to a home-based studio. With her first child on the way, she wanted to embrace motherhood, whilst continuing to expand her brand. It was then she began to specialise in engagement and wedding rings.

Her passion for unusual gemstones and timeless designs is the driving force behind each collection. Jessica believes that each ring should dance on its forever finger, and last more than a lifetime. 


At Jessica Flinn we're driven by six core values. They guide our design approach, and our ethos. And we expect all of our suppliers to share these values too.