The Eternity Ring For New Parents: What Is A Push Present?

What is a Push Present?

It's the latest trend for new parents, a thoughtful gift that commemorates all the hard work that comes with bringing a new baby into the world! As the popularity for push presents grows, it looks like eternity rings are emerging as the ultimate choice for these sentimental gifts.

What Should a Push Present Be?

We love the growing trend of eternity rings as push presents! It’s even better if it's personalised to represent your family, or your new addition.

Birthstone rings are back on the scene with a bang right now, so why not consider choosing an eternity ring with your baby’s birthstone! For September babies it’s all about sapphires, and we have a stunning selection of sapphire eternity rings to choose from! 

Not got a September babe? Take a look at our custom ring design service! With this package we can swap out the stones in whichever existing design you've fallen for. You’ll get a beautiful ring with your baby’s birthstone, and it’ll be the perfect heirloom to hand down.

Sapphire Eternity Ring Inspiration

What is an Eternity Ring?

So what is an eternity ring, and why is it the ideal push present? An eternity ring is a gemstone set band with a pattern that goes all the way around the ring. You can also get half eternity rings, these have a plain band at the back and gems or patterns at the front. 

Like wedding rings, an eternity ring is a highly emotional and meaningful piece of jewellery! What more could you want from a memento of your baby’s birth?

Who Gives a Push Present?

Usually a push present is given by the husband, wife, or partner of the new mother. To thank them for all their hard work and to mark the arrival of their new baby! It isn't just up to the partner though, push presents are also sometimes given by parents, family members and friends.

When to Give a Push Present?

Some say you should give the new mum her present while still in the delivery room. While this might seem like a good idea in theory, in practice you might want to wait until everyone is settled and mum can actually appreciate her present! 

If you've chosen a made-to-order or bespoke eternity ring as your push present, and you want to have it ready for when the baby makes their entrance, this means some planning ahead! 

Made-to-order eternity rings take about 6-8 weeks from when you place your order, and bespoke rings can take at least ten weeks from design to dispatch! As soon as you know the due date, it’s a good idea to get started. That way, even if your bundle of joy arrives early, your push present will be ready to go!

If you’ve got your own case of baby brain and want something ready made for your post-birth gift, why not consider a ready-to-wear eternity ring? These rings can be with you in 1-2 working days, or from 10 days with a resize. No fuss, no wait!

Push Presents for Dad

Just because the name ‘push present’ suggests there’s been some pushing involved, that doesn't mean Dad should miss out!

It doesn't matter if you did the pushing, or if you’ve excitedly signed the adoption papers. It's really just about having an excuse to buy the person you love something beautiful to remember the moment your child joined the family.

And just like new Dads deserve to have their own memento, they deserve one just as luxurious as an eternity ring! Our selection of hidden patterned bands is perfect for someone who wants an eternity band with a little more subtlety, like leafy Xander

And if Dad has the taste for some stylish sparkle, Zara would be the ideal eternity ring to sit next to a straight wedding band, or as a standalone ring!

Bespoke Eternity Rings

If you can't find the eternity ring you’ve been dreaming of, go bespoke! Contact the team to talk about bringing your bespoke vision to life.

Thinking of Going Bespoke?

Book an appointment with one of our jewellery experts to begin your bespoke journey. From sapphire eternity rings to salt and pepper diamond engagement rings, our bespoke package allows you to create the piece of jewellery you've always dreamed of.