The Ring of the Moment: The Toi et Moi

3rd May 2024

In the world of jewellery, certain pieces transcend time and trends, and the Toi et Moi ring is one of these timeless treasures. Hailed as a symbol of love and connection, the Toi et Moi design features two central gemstones that are nestled together to represent the eternal bond of two lovers. Let's delve into what makes these rings such showstoppers, from their history to how we would style one of these stunners! 

A Tale of Two Gems

Originating from the French for ‘you and me’, the Toi et Moi design represents the connection between those who wear them and their partner, with the two central stones signifying their commitment to one another. Historically, the Toi et Moi style gained popularity in the 1800s when French Emperor Napoleon surprised his beloved partner Josephine with a stunning Toi et Moi engagement ring, crafted from yellow gold, adorned with a pear cut blue sapphire and matching 1ct diamond. 

The Toi et Moi style hasn't just been popular historically, with notable celebrities opting for this symbolic style throughout the ages. Famously in 1953 USA President John F. Kennedy proposed to his partner Jackie with a diamond and emerald Toi et Moi ring that he had commissioned by Van Kleef and Arples. More recently Toi et Moi rings have taken the celebrity engagement ring world by storm, with celebs such as Megan Fox, Ariana Grande and Emily Ratajkowski reviving the Toi et Moi craze with their own beautiful duo stone engagement rings.

At its core, the Toi et Moi ring celebrates the connection between two individuals, but this doesn’t necessarily mean only romantic relationships. If you love the Toi et Moi style but would rather give it as a symbol of everlasting friendship than romantic love, there's absolutely no reason you shouldn’t give one of these rings to your BFF, sibling or mum! With their sentimental value and meaningful history, the Toi et Moi is the perfect gift if you are looking to really push the boat out and tell that special person how much they mean to you.

How to Style a Toi et Moi Ring

Traditionally, the gemstones would be the same size and colour to show the equality within a relationship. However, modern takes on the design feature different gemstones of differing sizes and shapes to add personal flair and symbolise the individual personalities within the relationship. 

While diamonds are the most traditional choice for the Toi et Moi, choosing your own gemstones is a great way to showcase your personal style. For example, our Juno design features variations of gemstones such as yellow diamonds, black diamonds, pink sapphires and teal sapphires, making her the perfect choice if you are looking for a ring with a bit of flair!

The freedom to choose your own gemstones makes the Toi et Moi style truly timeless as it holds so much versatility, so whether you're commemorating a significant anniversary or simply indulging your partner in a special piece of jewellery, the Toi et Moi offers the ideal canvas to express your affection. 

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration on how to style a Toi et Moi, we've whipped up some styling mood boards with our very own Juno ring, so you can see just how versatile Toi et Moi rings are!

Pear Cut Teal Sapphire and Oval Cut Diamond Juno

For our teal sapphire Juno we have decided to lean into the weekend vibes, think hitting up the farmers market with your bestie (the one that bought you your new favourite Toi et Moi ring!), drinking coffee and enjoying the sunshine. This Juno is slightly more petite than some of our other Juno designs, making her the perfect accessory for a casual Saturday morning. We've also paired her with Aster, our yellow gold and lab diamond hoop earrings!

Pear Cut Pink Sapphire and Lab Grown Diamond Juno

With her bold pink sapphire and show-stopping lab grown diamond, we thought this Juno would be perfect for those who love the girlier things in life. We’ve paired her with a beautiful floral midi dress and some pink pumps to boot! Our gorgeous salt and pepper Aspen stud earrings have also made an appearance, we think their rose gold hardwear perfectly matches the vibe.

Pear Cut Teal Sapphire and Lab Grown Diamond Juno

This Juno is for all those who like a bit of luxury in their life. With her sizeable teal sapphire and lab diamond, she’s the epitome of sophistication and extravagance. We imagine her wearer would love going out for cocktails with her friends while wearing the newest designer fashions, think Sex and the City without the bad boyfriends and the drama... We’ve added our Aster earrings to this ensemble, with their platinum finish and lab grown diamonds, they are the perfect opulent edition to this look.

Pear Cut Yellow Diamond and White Diamond Juno

We’re imagining the yellow diamond Juno at a summer wedding on Lake Como, lapping up the sunshine (and champagne!). Her grand diamonds scream extravagance, so it seemed only fitting for her to be living the lap of luxury. We’ve added in our yellow gold Aster earrings, because let's be honest, you can never have too many diamonds!

Black Diamond and Lab or Earth Grown Diamond Juno

Black diamonds are the ultimate cool girl, their effortless chicness adds an element of elegance to any outfit. That’s why we’ve paired this Juno with a simple outfit so you can let your attitude do all the talking. The Henrietta earrings make the perfect addition to this look, they're simple yet luxurious, adding just the right amount of je ne sais quoi!

If you still haven't found your dream Toi et Moi ring, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team to begin your custom or bespoke journey with us. At Jessica Flinn we make it our mission to create beautiful rings that are uniquely you and ensuring that you fall in love with your ring is our number one priority. You can work alongside our Design Team to create the Toi et Moi ring of your dreams, book an appointment or chat with us today.