A Look Inside The Secret Garden: Shooting Jessica Flinn’s Botanicals Collection 

Just picture it: you’re walking through a walled garden, you can smell the flowers and feel the summer sunshine on your face. You’ve finally found the key to that mysterious ivy covered door.

You unlock the door and push through the ivy leaves… and find a sparkling floral paradise. You’ve found the magical world of Jesscia Flinn’s Botanicals Collection.

The Botanicals Collection

Jessica Flinn is a company with big plans, and even bigger ideas. From award winning designers to award winning designs it's no surprise that every ring we release is a step up from the last. The Botanicals collection is no exception! Inspired by the soul of Art Nouveau, it features the very best of vintage and contemporary design. We hope you’re ready for something spectacular!

The genius behind this ethereal collection is our Senior Designer, Emma Fathers. She’s worked in the industry for ten years, and has been designing spectacular wedding and engagement rings since she joined Jessica Flinn four years ago.

Where did the idea for a Nouveau collection start?

“Last year during Paris Haute Couture Week, I noticed a strong trend on the runways for intricate Art Nouveau-style details used by a few of the big fashion houses. I was blown away by Gucci's 'Hortus Deliciarum' high jewellery collection! We knew we needed to introduce our own botanical themed designs, which I found particularly challenging as it is quite different from the usual JF style, but it’s definitely paid off!” - Emma Fathers, Senior Designer.

What makes something Art Nouveau?

Art Nouveau is characterised by graphic curves and bold floral or nature inspired motifs. But what does that mean for these art nouveau engagement and wedding rings? Well, it means we have a bouquet of delicate flower engagement rings and leafy wedding rings ready for you to fall for.

Made For Each Other: Engagement and Wedding Ring Sets

So let's talk about the rings, because we have been keeping this secret for way too long!

The collection contains nine new designs, split between wedding bands and engagement rings. While each ring is available to purchase as either a standalone ready-to-wear or made-to-order ring, the Botanicals Collection also includes two divine pairings: Antonia x Sylvie, and Laurel x Willow

We followed up with our star designer about her driving inspiration for these vintage and antique art nouveau style wedding and engagement ring sets.

We offer a shaped to fit service for all of our wedding bands, but sometimes it’s nice to know that there’s a wedding ring waiting for you that is already a perfect fit!

For Sylvie and Antonia a big inspiration was the work of Antoni Gaudi. JF designs are usually influenced by art deco, so we like to draw from architecture as well as fashion. It gives a really unique look to our rings that you won’t see from any other jeweller! 

Laurel and Willow were much more out of my comfort zone, but I’m so proud of the result! They were inspired by twisting vines, like you'd see in a fairytale. You’ll see this motif in a lot of the new collection, but for these rings I wanted the band to actually be made of the leaves, as opposed to a band with a leaf pattern on the top. It turned out really beautifully!”- Emma Fathers, Senior Designer.

How To Take A Photoshoot From Spark to Sparkle

Translating the vision and vibe of an entire collection into a single web-ready photo is no easy task, but we have our very own visionary to tackle it: Jessie Batsford, Creative Brand Lead. 

“Telling the story of this collection really began with research: it is always my first step! Historical references will always root your concepts in a more authentic and informed way, than if you’re looking at more modern adaptations of the Art Nouveau style. 

Our amazing Senior Designer Emma named her collection ‘Botanicals’, and she's done a fantastic job weaving in the soft natural shapes that Art Nouveau is celebrated for! After seeing the collection, I was immediately led to the ethereal magic of secret gardens, and I decided I wanted the shoot to take place in a Nouveau Victorian greenhouse.

Scale is a tricky thing to work with, especially when shooting fine jewellery, as you have to get very close to capture the detail! Shooting in life size spaces results in a blurred background, so I set out to make a miniature greenhouse to get that winning shot!” - Jessie Batsford

With a fully bespoke set, Jessie has managed to achieve a look that demonstrates the ingenuity and craftsmanship that represents the entire Jessica Flinn brand. Working together with the rest of our fantastic marketing team, Jessie Batsford has put the art back into Art Nouveau.

Who Are Our Favourites?

It’s time for the most important question: which ring would we have on our forever finger?

After talking to the team, it looks like there is one ring that rules us all, and it's Fern! She’s also Jessie’s personal favourite:

“I love Fern, she’s so classic and goddess-like. It’s the 18ct yellow gold and emerald combination for me. Outrageous.”

Suitable as a wedding ring, alternative engagement ring, or just a statement stacker. You really can't blame us for falling head over heels for Fern. Not only is she stunning, she’s also customisable! You can choose sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or diamonds to be set between ornate floral hexagonal sections. 

Check out the collection here, where you can find your own botanical fairytale.