The Symbolism of a Sapphire

With vintage-style rings popping up across the jewellery sphere, and contemporary birthstone rings back on the scene, the question ‘what does this stone mean?’ has been on every sparkle-obsessed mind. 

Each gemstone has its own meaning, so why not start with one of the best?

Sapphire, the beautiful blue precious gem. We’ve all heard of this gemstone, but what does sapphire mean to us?

What is a Sapphire?

A sapphire is one of four precious gems, and one of two gemstones made from the corundum family (the other being Ruby). While the OG sapphire is blue, sapphires actually come in every colour other than red, which would classify it as a Ruby!

It is a traditional gemstone which is currently having a revival along with the rising popularity of Victorian gypsy-set rings and vintage engagement rings. Read all about sapphires in our sapphire gemstone guide!

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Where do Sapphires Come from?

Sapphires have been around for most of modern history, and so they pop up all over the world! But there are a few special places that produce the majority of our sapphires.

Sri Lanka is one of the biggest names in the sapphire world, as they are the best supplier of two highly desirable sapphire colours. The Ceylon Sapphire (after the pre-republic name for Sri Lanka), and padparadscha sapphires! Other places known for their sapphires include Australia, the USA, and Madagascar.

The history of the sapphire is deeply connected to the communities that first mined it, and lots of sapphire meaning originates from these cultures!

What Does a Sapphire Symbolise?

From astrology to healing properties, the sapphire has collected a treasure trove of symbolism over its long life, and it's not done yet.

Sapphires represent intelligence, truth, wealth, and faith. But each variety of sapphire has its own meaning. If you're planning on choosing a sapphire engagement ring, you’ll want to know exactly what your sapphire stone means for you!

Sapphire Birthstones

We have all googled our birthstone at some point, and been either delighted or disappointed by what you find! Lucky September babies have hit the jackpot, because they get sapphire! 

But why did they get sapphire? Theories include biblical associations from a piece of armour in the Book of Exodus, and an ancient scholar who theorised the link between those stones and the zodiac signs. The official list of birthstones was not standardised until 1912, and some cultures still vary in the stones they use! 

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Sapphire Symbolism in Rings

We now know what sapphire means by itself, but what does sapphire mean when it’s in a ring? 

In days past, sapphires were often worn in rings and pendants as it was believed that a sapphire stone served as protection against infidelity, and would bring good fortune. As the basic symbolism for sapphire includes faithfulness and truth, this makes a sapphire ring a great choice for any engagement ring or wedding band! 

Add some sapphire engagement ring meaning to your proposal, or bring some good fortune to your wedding vows by choosing some sapphire wedding jewellery! Browse our selection of sapphire wedding rings to find your perfect forever ring.

Sapphire Meaning in Astrology

According to some, sapphires are associated with saturn in astrology! This reportedly makes them a perfect gemstone to wear for a Virgo, especially if they are also born in September. As Saturn has a positive influence on this sign. 

Wearing sapphires as a Virgo is meant to bring mental clarity, self discipline, and success in your career!


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The Healing Properties of Sapphires

Many believe gemstones have healing properties! Sapphires were thought to protect and heal illnesses of the eyes and mind. 

It is possible that many of the meanings and superstitions that apply to sapphire are actually about lapis lazuli! This is because sapphire, or ‘sapphirus’, was originally the word for blue stone. 

When it comes to healing, there is evidence of lapis being used in early eye medicines, which is potentially where its association with healing head sicknesses started.

Star Sapphire Meaning

Star sapphires are unlike any other sapphire, but maintain their variety in colour! They feature a star shaped asterism (a type of thread-like inclusion) and are one of the most difficult gemstones to cut! 

Star sapphires are particularly rooted in symbolism. Due to the star, they are said to represent hope and faith. And some believe that this gemstone holds religious significance, sometimes referring to it as the stone of destiny!

Picking Your Perfect Sapphire

From ancient history to modern day, there is no arguing that sapphire has stolen our hearts from day one.  

And while Sapphire may have more than enough meaning already (and it’s important to remember there is no proof for most of it), there is no reason not to add your own. Make your sapphire special by using it to symbolise your commitment in an engagement or wedding ring! 

If you would like some help in finding your own symbolic sapphire engagement ring, you can book an appointment with our expert team. Or if you’d like to create your meaning from scratch, check out our bespoke ring design service.

Want to know more about sapphires? Then take a look at our sapphire gemstone guide, where we delve into the mesmerising world of sapphires.