Jennifer Lopez's Iconic Collection of Coloured Diamond Engagement Rings

Jennifer Lopez engagement rings

In the realm of celebrity engagements, few have captivated the public eye like Jennifer Lopez's dazzling array of engagement rings. From classic solitaires to rare coloured diamonds, Lopez's engagement rings have consistently set new standards for elegance, opulence, and symbolism in the world of celebrity engagement rings.

Jennifer Lopez and Ojani Noa

Jennifer’s first engagement ring came from Ojani Noa in 1997. The ring had a marquise white diamond at its centre, a gemstone cut that was becoming increasingly popular in the late 90s due to its elegant yet unusual shape. We’ve estimated that the diamond itself is between 3.5 and 4 carats in weight, meaning it's a pretty sizeable stone! The solitaire stone was set on a simple yellow gold band, allowing all the attention to fall on the beautiful diamond. A natural diamond of this carat weight is hard to come by, so we would estimate that Ojani Noa spent around £80,000 on the ring for Jennifer, which, although a staggering price, is the least expensive of her six rings!

We love the marquise cut for its distinctive elongated shape, with its pointed ends and elegant design, the marquise diamond is a symbol of elegance and sophistication. It's a unique choice and has historical links to French royalty, meaning it's perfect for such a high profile celeb such as Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez first engagement ring from Ojani Nag

(Jennifer Lopez and Ojani Noa)

Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd

The second out of Jennifer's six engagement rings came from Cris Judd, a backup dancer she met on set for a music video. Cris gifted Jennifer a stunning emerald cut diamond solitaire ring to mark their engagement. Known for its clean lines and sleek appearance, the emerald cut has seen a significant increase in popularity over recent years, with celebrities such as the Kardashians leading the trend for emerald cut engagement rings. Take a look at our collection of emerald cut rings for some more inspiration.

We’ve estimated the diamond to be around 4 carats in weight and is elegantly set on another yellow gold band, this time adorned with a white diamond pavé setting. The pavé band provides the ring with extra glamour and sparkle, without distracting from the centre stone. We would estimate this stunning addition to her collection to be worth approximately £100,000! The solitaire engagement ring holds deep symbolism and meaning, representing the joining of two souls and the shared bond between spouses.

Jennifer Lopez engagement ring from Cris Judd

(Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd)

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck (2002)

Following the inception of 'Bennifer', Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck swiftly got engaged, much to the world's delight! Everyone across the globe was revelling in the love of this early 00s favourite couple, so it's no surprise that when Ben proposed with a pink diamond it started a worldwide craze for coloured diamonds. With their warm, rosy hues, pink diamonds are known as a symbol of romance and love, perfect for this iconic couple! If you’re interested in learning more about coloured diamonds then read our guide and learn all about them.

The trilogy engagement ring, featuring a 6 carat pink diamond at its centre is a true spectacle. Pink diamonds are one of the rarest gemstones in the world, and one of this carat weight is even harder to come by! Due to the rarity of the diamond and the vivid pink of the stone we would estimate this ring set Ben Affleck back between a whopping £2 million and £2.5 million.

Jennifer Lopez engagement ring from Ben Affleck

(Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck)

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Jennifer’s fourth engagement ring was from salsa music star Marc Anthony. The two got engaged in 2004 and the ring was nothing short of spectacular! Featuring an extravagant 8.5 carat natural blue diamond, the ring is an opulent display of affection to say the least. Blue diamonds are again, one of the rarest gemstones in the world, and one of this carat size is extremely hard to come by. The ring is paired with two baguette diamonds on each side and is set atop a platinum band, making it a truly exceptional piece of jewellery. We would estimate Jennifer’s ring from Marc Anthony to be approximately £3 million, due to the stones' rarity and quality. 

The trilogy design is loved for its sophisticated appearance and deep symbolism. With each stone representing the couple's journey from their past to their present and into the future. Blue diamonds also hold a deeper meaning of tranquillity and peace for the wearer, due to their calm, serene beauty.

Jennifer Lopez engagement ring from Marc Anthony

(Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony)

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

With her fifth engagement ring, JLo went back to her roots of a solitaire white diamond. Alex Rodriguez proposed to Jennifer with a stunning 15 carat white diamond engagement ring, set on a chunky tapered platinum band, the ring blends classic elegance and modern sophistication. The diamond itself is of superb quality, boasting near perfect clarity and colour. Combined with its impressive carat weight, this stunning piece is estimated to be worth around £1 million, making it a gorgeous reflection of not only their romance but also the opulence that defines Jennifer’s iconic style. 

Diamonds symbolise eternal love and the unbreakable bond between couples, due to their status as the hardest material on Earth. This symbolism makes white diamonds an ideal choice for engagement rings, complementing their stunning beauty with enduring significance. Read our guide on natural diamonds if you would like to learn more about this amazing gemstone.

Jennifer Lopez engagement ring from Alex Rodriguez

(Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez)

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck (2022)

In 2022 it was time for round two of Bennifer, and this time they were back with a bang! Ben chose yet another coloured diamond for his beloved, this time opting for a vibrant green radiant cut diamond of approximately 8.5 carats. Jennifer definitely has a love for coloured diamonds, so it seems only befitting that the couple would opt for another stunning ring the second time around. Ben’s second ring for Jennifer is approximately £4 million, making it Jennifer’s most expensive engagement ring to date.

Green diamonds are known to be a symbol of harmony and vitality due to their natural, fresh colouring. Due to their rarity and high market value they have also become a symbol of luxury and opulence, making it an ideal choice for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck who are among some of the most famous A listers in the world.

Jennifer Lopez engagement ring from Ben Affleck

(Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck)

Jennifer Lopez's engagement rings are not just symbols of her personal love stories but also milestones in the world of high jewellery. Each ring, with its unique design and exceptional craftsmanship, tells a tale of romance, commitment, and the evolution of engagement ring trends over the decades. From the classic marquise diamond from Ojani Noa to the extraordinary green diamond from Ben Affleck, Lopez's collection showcases a variety of styles, cuts, and colours, each carrying its own meaning and significance.

These rings, ranging from elegant white diamond solitaires to rare coloured diamonds, reflect Lopez's iconic style and the grandeur of her romances. They have inspired countless fans and jewellery enthusiasts around the world, setting new standards for what engagement rings can represent. 

Jennifer Lopez Inspired Engagement Rings

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