How to Find Your Partner's Ring Size Without Them Knowing

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So the special time has finally come and you're ready to surprise your special person by popping the question, but how can you be sure of their ring size without making it obvious you're about to pop the question? We've whipped up a guide for you to follow which will help you find the perfect ring size without spoiling the surprise.

1. Use a Metal Ring Sizer

Using a metal ring sizer is a tried and tested method of accurately finding either yours or your partners ring size. If you're looking to discretely find your partners size, order one of our ring sizers and stealthily find one of their rings that that you know they currently wear (to ensure it still fits) and that it's one they wear on one of their ring fingers. Then match up the ring with the size it best fits, and voilà! Make sure you take your time to be really sure you're choosing the right size.

2. Borrow One Of Their Rings

If you're not able to order one of our ring sizers, another good method is borrowing one of your partners rings to secretly measure the circumference of the ring with a tape measure, or you can compare it to our ring size guide! Again, make sure the ring you're using is one that your partner currently wears (to ensure it still fits!) and that it's one they wear on one of their ring fingers.

3. Trace One Of Their Rings

If you don't have a tape measure handy, another option is to (very carefully) trace the inside of the ring with a pencil, this will give an outline of their ring size. Once you've got the tracing you can take it to a jeweller who can then give you the correct ring size based off your tracing.

4. Measure With String

This method is a bit more tricky and you should be aware that it is the most likely to get an inaccurate result. However, if you do decide to use this trick then all that's needed is a piece of string. Once you have the string things start to get a bit fiddly as you need to gently wrap it around your partners ring finger without them knowing, so your best bet is while they're sleeping. Once you've wrapped it around their finger you then need to mark on the string where it begins to overlap. The next step is to take the string away and lay it flat to measure it with a ruler. From here you can then use the measurement to determine their ring size. Again, we wouldn't necessarily recommend this method as there is a high likelihood you will either measure their ring size wrong or make them aware that you're sneakily trying to find their ring measurement.

Feel Confident In Your Decision

We've given you a few different methods to choose from and hope you feel confident in your ability to find your partners ring size. However, if you're still unsure then you can reach out to the team and have all your questions answered. 

We would also like to make a disclaimer that while these tricks are handy ways to secretly find your partners ring size, the only way to be 100% sure of your partners ring size is for them to use one of our ring sizers themselves. We always recommend measuring your ring size multiple times throughout the day to make sure you're taking into account aspects such as temperature change (your finger size will fluctuate with different temperatures). 

If you don't quite get your partners ring size right the first time then don't worry, at Jessica Flinn your first ring resize will be free of charge within 3 months of you receiving your ring. After the initial 3 months you will be charged for a resize, and any resizes after your first free one will also be charged.

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