How Much Should a Wedding Ring Cost?

You’re getting married! A wedding is a beautiful moment, but they are also known for being stressful and expensive. Budgeting is a skill every nearlywed needs, and as much as hiring that fabulous drag queen to MC your ceremony sounds like a great idea, the money might not add up when you look back. 

Rings are an investment, so it’s important to make the right choice! We want you to be delighted with your decision years down the line, so Jessica Flinn is here to cover the who, how, and what of wedding bands. By the time we’re done, you’ll know exactly how much to spend on a wedding ring, and more!

Setting a Budget for Your Wedding Ring

More important than the average cost of a wedding ring, is finding out what your budget is! Once you know what you can afford, you can find the stunning ring that is right for you.

But even setting a budget can be difficult if you don't know where to start! Google will be your best friend here, researching your dream ring will give you a good idea of wedding ring costs and what you’ll need to save! 

Choosing Your Wedding Ring

So what are you searching for? Are you looking for simplicity? Sparkle? 

If you’ve never worn a ring before, you probably won’t know what you like, and wearing a ring will definitely feel strange for the first few weeks! Take a look at Wedding Rings 101 if you don't know where to start. 

Shopping in person is perfect for getting past any initial weirdness, as someone will be there to guide you through all your options. From wedding ring sets to gemstone wedding rings, you can book an appointment to see it all in our custom built showroom!

How Much is a Wedding Ring On Average?

The average wedding ring cost depends on what it’s made of. Wide bands will cost more, as they use more metal, and gemstone rings cost the most because of their gems!

Knowing what you want makes it easier to estimate what you’ll pay. For one gemstone wedding band the average cost is around £1200, or you could have a matching wedding band set for around £1800!

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How Much to Spend on a Wedding Band

So how much should you spend on a wedding ring? The most common budget for some wedding sparkle is between £1000 - £2000!


There is no standard guideline for how much you should spend on a wedding ring, unlike engagement rings where it’s expected to cost three months wages! As long as you love the ring, it’s the right wedding ring price for you (we don't care as long as it's pretty).

Who Pays for the Wedding Rings?

Usually, nearlyweds will buy each other's wedding rings! But it’s your relationship and your wedding, so do whatever works for you! If you and your partner want very different rings at very different price points, you can always buy your own wedding rings! That way everyone gets the ring they want, at the amount they want to spend.

Wedding Ring Sets

Buying a wedding ring set is a great idea if you want to keep costs low, and equal! At Jessica Flinn we offer many fabulous matching wedding band sets, as well as engagement and wedding ring sets. Whatever stage of your romantic journey you’re at, you’re sure to love one of our elegant pairings!

Bespoke Wedding Ring Cost

If you know what you want but you just haven't been able to find it, think about going bespoke! Your vision can be brought to life with the help of our team of experienced designers. You’ll get the beautifully crafted wedding ring you’ve always imagined, and it’ll be safe and secure for a lifetime!

Our bespoke ring design service covers starting a design from scratch, but if you’ve fallen in love with an existing design and you'd like it to fit your engagement ring perfectly, you might prefer our shaped to fit service!

How Much Does Wedding Ring Engraving Cost?

For £35.00 per engraving, you can make your weddings ring even more personal, adding a secret on the inside, just for you!

With up to 18 characters (subject to ring size), you can choose to mark your ring with a message, memory, or moment. It'll be a true symbol of your love!

Find Your Ideal Wedding Ring With Jessica Flinn

You’ve got your budget, you’ve got a vision, now let’s get you your ring! 

Book an appointment for everything from ready to ship wedding rings to a bespoke consultation. We can't wait to welcome you! If you’re not ready to take that leap, find out more in Wedding Rings 101, or browse our full collection of wedding and eternity rings for inspiration! 

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