Gemstone Journeys: Hong Kong

At the end of February 2024 the powerhouses of Jessica Flinn took their first step on a worldwide journey of discovery!

The boss lady herself (plus three other fabulous members of our team) travelled across Asia, seeking out the very best gemstones and ideas! As innovators at the forefront of the jewellery industry, we like to keep up to date with the latest developments so we can bring them all back to you! 

But it isn't just about keeping up to date, we also believe we have a responsibility to educate ourselves and our audience about sustainable business practices! So… what was our journey all about?

Our Gemstone Journey 

It’s so important to recognise that each piece of jaw-dropping sparkle we create at Jessica Flinn starts somewhere. 

Many creators don't see every step their product takes, and gemstones are notoriously mysterious. But we value every hand that touches each stone, and we love to shout about the craftsmen and artisans we are lucky enough to work with!


By taking this journey we hope to inspire other businesses to educate themselves, and to be open and honest with their customers about the work that goes into every creation. Innovation means that we have a commitment to keep growing and learning every day. As our business grows, our sustainable business practice needs to grow with it. We want to explore everything our amazing industry has to offer.

First Stop: Hong Kong 

Our first stop was Hong Kong! We have been eyeing up this location for years, so we finally made the journey to visit the renowned Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show, and the International Jewellery Show! Our particular focus this year was on lab grown diamonds and ways to improve our sustainable business practice through packaging and sourcing.

And just because it was work doesn't mean we couldn't have a bit of fun! We immersed ourselves in as much of the bustling Hong Kong culture as we could. Using the city wide escalator every day, exploring the limitless urban beauty, and tracking down the most amazing veggie restaurant housed in an art gallery! We even visited our favourite bakery so much by the end of the week we had a loyalty card (oops). 

If you’re in the biz you've probably heard of one or both of these shows. It's the place to be for everything from gemstones to new tech, and showcases the latest innovations from fine jewellery to sustainable packaging! If you’d like an in depth view of these shows, check out our rundown of The Hong Kong International Gem & Jewellery Shows 2024.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

A Quick View of The Hong Kong International Gem & Jewellery Shows

We started at the Diamond, Gem, and Pearl show. With 2024 marking its 10th anniversary, it was so much bigger than we had ever expected!

While it was fantastically organised, it was overwhelming! Luckily we’d scouted out our business crushes beforehand, so it was all eyes on the prize when we arrived. With so many shiny things to look at, it was tempting to get distracted. But with such a short time to experience this amazing show, we needed to focus! 

Trade Show Gemstones

One of our main aims at this show was to take a peek at the supply of gemstones. You know we love a unique gem, and we are always on the lookout for something extra special. With thousands of suppliers gathered here from all over the world there was no better place!

Our biggest success was with lab grown diamonds! At Jessica Flinn we are continually trying to improve our sustainable business practice, so we love to see suppliers using renewable energies to grow their gemstones. Not to tease, but you’ll see more of this soon! Maybe even a new collection…. but shh! It’s top secret. 

We especially kept our eye out for some lab grown diamonds with a touch of colour! As coloured diamonds are super hard to come by in their natural form, we would love to be able to offer alternatives in lab grown diamond form. Browse our current collection of lab grown diamond rings to find your own diamond dream!

We Love a Women-Led Business 

As a business led by women, we want to shout about one of the best developments from the industry we saw this year! The jewellery world is still typically fronted by and led by men, but this year we saw so many female entrepreneurs proudly fronting their businesses.

It’s important that we continue to encourage and recognise these developments, and we hope to see this more from other suppliers in the future! 

Sustainable Business Practice and Packaging

Our time at the International Jewellery Show was dedicated to packaging!

The consumer world is becoming more eco-conscious, and we are only too happy to get involved. As part of our sustainable business practice plans, we want to make sure that everything we provide with your engagement or wedding ring is made from recycled materials, is recyclable, or can be reused. This includes our packaging! 

The UK is only a small part of the world, and not everything we need to achieve this dream is available locally! These trade shows host suppliers from across Europe, Asia, and beyond. So if you want something, you’ll find it here!

Where Next?

After our speedy Hong Kong stop, it was onwards and upwards! But where to? None other than Sri Lanka! Check out step two in our Gemstone Journeys: Sri Lanka for some sapphire magic. Or skip ahead to part three, Gemstone Journeys: India, for some lab grown diamond and salt and pepper mystery! 

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