Engagement Rings 101

Navigating the search for the ideal engagement ring can be overwhelming, especially when faced with a flood of unfamiliar information. That's why we've crafted this guide—to empower you with the knowledge you need, so you can make confident decisions with ease.


Engagement Rings 101

Navigating the search for the ideal engagement ring can be overwhelming, especially when faced with a flood of unfamiliar information. That's why we've crafted this guide—to empower you with the knowledge you need, so you can make confident decisions with ease.

What is an Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring holds significant meaning, symbolising the commitment between partners as they embark on their journey towards marriage.

Traditionally crafted from precious metals and adorned with gemstones, at Jessica Flinn we specialise in offering alternative gemstones such as salt and pepper diamonds, teal sapphires, and lab-grown diamonds. These unique options allow couples to find a ring that truly reflects their individuality and style.

Engagement rings are available in a wide range of styles and designs, including various stone shapes like oval, square, and hexagon, as well as settings such as solitaire, trilogy, halo, or cluster. With such diversity, couples can discover the perfect ring to symbolise their love and commitment at Jessica Flinn.

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Explore our diverse collection of engagement rings, featuring lab-grown diamond rings, oval cut engagement rings, sapphire engagement rings, and bespoke creations.

Setting a Budget

Setting a realistic budget is crucial when shopping for a ring. By establishing a budget, you can make informed decisions about aspects such as the choice of gemstone, metal, and specific details like the 4 C's (cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight), as well as design elements. Take a look at our Jewellery School where we have guides on everything you could possibly want to know when choosing a ring.

Deciding what you want to spend on an engagement ring is subjective and varies greatly. While the notion of spending three months' salary is still prevalent for some, we believe this is a pretty outdated way of measuring what an engagement ring should cost. The most important factor in purchasing an engagement ring is that you genuinely love it. Whether your leaning towards traditional, expensive mined diamond rings or modern, more budget-friendly rings, what matters is finding a ring that resonates with you and your partner.

It's also good to remember that certain design choices will allow for a more freedom, such as a solitaire setting, where there is just one central stone. Other choices such as opting for a lab grown gemstone offer cheaper alternatives to traditional mined diamonds and gemstones. Take a look at our guide on setting a budget to get the lowdown on the best ways for you and your partner to set the right budget for you.

Choosing a Gemstone

Selecting a gemstone can feel a bit overwhelming due to the vast array of options available. Each gemstone presents a unique spectrum of colours, with variations in shades and tones to consider. It's also essential to factor in your lifestyle when choosing a gemstone, considering factors such as hardness and durability to ensure it can withstand everyday wear.

Traditionally, diamonds have been the top choice for engagement rings, prized for their dazzling brilliance and exceptional durability, making them perfect for daily wear. At Jessica Flinn, we blend tradition with innovation by predominantly featuring lab-grown diamonds in our designs rather than traditional mined diamonds. This deliberate choice reflects our commitment to offering more accessible and budget-friendly options while also prioritising environmental sustainability and ethical sourcing practices. Take a look at our Ethical Pledge to find out how we work on an ethical level.

While diamonds might take the number one spot for the most traditional gemstone, we love working with unusual and beautifully unique gemstones. Our speciality is working with gemstones that represent your personality, whether that's through the sophisticated hues of sapphires, the luxurious greens of emeralds or the celestial inclusions of salt and pepper diamonds. 

It's important to understand that different gemstones also come with varying price tags. For instance, if you're seeking a teal-coloured gemstone, opting for a sapphire will likely be more expensive compared to a tourmaline.

Engagement Ring Inspiration

Finding the Perfect Style

Navigating the wide variety of ring styles and designs can seem overwhelming, but we've crafted some simple steps to help you in selecting the perfect one for you or your partner.

Firstly, it's always a good idea to familiarise yourself with the range of styles out there. The style of the ring dramatically influences its appearance, ranging from halos to trilogy settings, solitaires, and clusters. Each style caters to different tastes, ensuring there's a ring style suited to everyone's preferences. Let's explore a few of them to help you confidently decide which one aligns with your vision.

For those seeking an elegant yet subtle engagement ring, the solitaire design is a perfect choice. With this style, the focus is on a single central stone, allowing it to shine. The allure of the ring lies in the gemstone itself and its size. For instance, if you have a 3-carat yellow diamond and want its brilliance to take centre stage, the solitaire could be the perfect choice for you!

If you desire a ring with a bit more drama, consider the halo design. In this style, the centre stone is surrounded by a captivating array of gemstones of your choice. While diamond halos are popular, there are endless possibilities for gemstone choices, allowing you to customise the ring to your liking.

If you like the vintage look, then we recommend having a look at our selection of Art Deco rings. Characterised by rich colours, geometric lines, and an antique feel, the Art Deco style perfectly captures vintage allure while maintaining a modern appeal. 

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If you're seeking inspiration, browse through our engagement ring styles. Whether you're drawn to the enchanting allure of a halo design or the timeless elegance of Art Deco reimagined, discover the perfect style that resonates with you.

Deciding Whether to go Bespoke or Custom

At Jessica Flinn, our focus is on expressing individuality and showcasing your personal style. So its only natural that we offer a bespoke and custom service alongside our wide range of Ready to Wear rings. But whats the difference between bespoke and custom?

With our bespoke service, you have the opportunity to craft your dream ring from the ground up with the assistance of our Sales and Design Team. This means that whatever concept you envision for your ring, we can bring it to life, provided it is structurally sound and maintains the highest quality standards. From sourcing the perfect gemstone, designing a one of a kind shape or adding a personalised engraving, choosing a bespoke engagement ring ensures you'll leave with a ring that's completely one of a kind.

Alternatively, if one of our existing designs has taken your fancy, but there's a couple of design details that don't quite align with your taste, our custom package allows you to reimagine one of our rings to suit you. Whether it's swapping out the gemstone for something more to your liking or refining specific design elements, our Sales and Design Team is here to assist you in reimagining the ring to suit your vision perfectly. Just reach out, and we'll transform the design into your own unique creation.

Thinking About Going Bespoke?

If you're looking to create a truly one of a kind ring, then you're in the right place. Learn more about our bespoke process to decide whether it's the right path for you.

Engagement Ring FAQs

Which finger is for an engagement ring?

The engagement ring is typically worn on your left ring finger, historically this is due to the fact that it was thought this finger contained the 'vein of love' which directly connected the heart and that placing the engagement ring on this finger symbolised the union of hearts and the eternal bond of marriage.

However, some couples, notably (but not exclusively) LGBTQIA+ couples, choose to wear their engagement or wedding ring on their right hand as a way of proudly defying heteronormative traditions while showing their love.

How much should an engagement ring cost?

Determining the amount to spend on an engagement ring is entirely subjective and varies from individual to individual. There's no mandatory or expected sum you should allocate. What truly matters is finding a price point that aligns with your financial situation and personal preferences.

Do men get engagement rings?

Do men get engagement rings?

How do you clean an engagement ring?

The method for cleaning an engagement ring varies based on factors such as the hardness of the stone and the type of metal used.

Typically, engagement rings are crafted from precious metals and gemstones, allowing for cleaning with warm, soapy water and a soft toothbrush (a baby's toothbrush works well). If the gemstone has sufficient hardness (8 or higher on the Mohs scale), it may also be suitable for cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner.

If you would like a professional to look over your piece of jewellery and give it the TLC it deserves then get in touch with our experts for our Repair and Refresh service.

When did people start wearing engagement rings?

The tradition of wearing engagement rings dates back thousands of years, with its origins traced to ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans.

The modern concept of the diamond engagement ring became popular in the 20th century, largely due to successful marketing campaigns by diamond companies. Today, engagement rings continue to be cherished symbols of love and commitment in many cultures around the world.

Are engagement and wedding rings the same?

Wedding and engagement rings serve distinct purposes. An engagement ring symbolizes a proposal and a promise of marriage, typically given to a partner during the proposal. On the other hand, wedding rings are exchanged on the day of marriage, signifying the formalisation of a lifelong commitment between partners.

How should an engagement ring fit?

An engagement ring should fit comfortably on the finger without being too loose or too tight. The ring should slide onto the finger easily but should fit snugly enough to prevent it from slipping off. It should not feel uncomfortably tight or constricting.

When properly sized, the ring should have minimal movement on the finger. It should not rotate excessively or feel loose. It should also feel comfortable to wear throughout the day, allowing for normal activities without causing any discomfort or irritation. And keep in mind that fingers can swell or shrink due to various factors such as temperature, humidity, or weight changes. Therefore, it's advisable to leave a little room for adjustments to accommodate any fluctuations in finger size.

If you're uncertain about your ring size, consider purchasing one of our ring sizers. Measure your ring size several times throughout the day to ensure you achieve the correct size for a comfortable fit.

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