ring sizing q&a with our sales and design team

What ring size am I? Are ring sizes universal? How are ring sizes measured?  If you're pondering these questions and more while considering a new ring purchase, don't fret! Our fantastic Sales and Design Team is here to unravel the mysteries of ring sizing and provide you with all the knowledge you need. So, grab a brew, settle in, and let's dive into some ring sizing questions...

But first, meet our delightful Sales and Design Team! They're a treasure trove of information, and if you can't find the answer you're looking for, drop them an email at ruby@jessicaflinn.co.uk. They're always ready to assist with any and all ring-related queries!

How do i measure my ring size?

"For the ultimate precision, we've got a nifty tool – our ring-measurement gadget. It's as easy as pie! Just slide a couple of different sizes onto your finger, just like you're trying on some of our fancy rings, and boom! You'll see the size on the side of each one, then all you have to do is pick the comfiest fit!

Oh, and remember, your finger can be a bit of a chameleon during the day. Blame it on the weather, your hydration level, or even your mood – it can all affect your finger size. So, to nail that perfect fit, try a few sizes and go with what feels cosiest." - Olivia, Sales Team Leader

What's the biggest ring size for women?

"At Jessica Flinn, the perfect ring size depends on the ring you desire. For our bespoke designs, we can craft rings from size A to Z+6. However, if you've fallen for one of our ready-to-ship designs, the sizing options will be more limited. We always suggest reaching out to us so we can help you find the ideal fit for your chosen piece.

It's always important to remember that just like the numbers on a scale, the size of your ring doesn't define you. There's no point thinking about what the average ring size is because you're not average! Our beautiful rings need a beautiful hand to belong to, and we think you're the perfect match!" - Katie, E-Commerce Luxury Sales Consultant

Are women's ring sizes the same as mens?

"When it comes to ring sizes, there's no gender gap in the game. We're all in this together, folks! Ring sizes are totally unisex, so there's no need to worry about translating sizes between the guys, gals and everyone else.

Your ring size is like your unique fingerprint—it's all about what feels right for you. So, embrace the sparkle, regardless of gender, and rock that ring with confidence!

But although ring sizes don't discriminate between genders, they do differ between countries. That's why we've got a nifty size converter to keep things simple. So, no matter where you are, we've got you covered!" - Helen, Luxury Sales Consultant

when should i measure my ring size?

"When it comes to measuring your ring size, it's a smart move to do it at different times throughout the day. This way, you'll get a more accurate picture of how your size can change. Factors like temperature, hormones, and even medication can influence the size of your fingers. 

There are also a couple of times when we strongly recommend against measuring your size. First, avoid measuring your ring size during pregnancy, as your fingers are likely to experience fluctuations. Secondly, it's best to skip sizing before or after an operation or injury. Swelling and medication can play tricks with your size during these periods. So, let's pick the right time to find your perfect fit!

It's also good to keep in mind that different jewellers might have slightly different specifications of ring sizes so we always recommend using one of the Jessica Flinn ring sizers if you're buying a ring from us." - Jessie, Junior Design Creative

my ring size doesn't feel comfortable, can i have it resized?

"Your ring should always feel comfortable, never too tight or constricting. Take the time to ensure you've got the right size because you definitely don't want your ring causing you pain or leaving you with a bright red finger!

If you happen to receive your ring from us and it feels too snug, don't worry, we've got you covered. We're more than happy to resize it for you. And if it's your first resizing, it's half price! So, keep comfort in mind and rock that ring without any discomfort." - Olivia, Sales Team Leader

how can i measure my ring size at home without a ring sizer?

"We always recommend using one of our ring sizers to get the most accurate result when it comes to measuring your ring size, there's many myths, hacks and tricks such as tying a piece of string or paper around your finger and measuring it with a ruler. Another hack is placing a ring you already own on a print out and aligning it with the size that matches.

While these seem like handy little tricks to know, the most reliable way is to use a proper, designated ring sizer to find your ring size. And remember, if you purchase one of our ring sizers, the cost will be deducted when you buy one of our beautiful rings! So it's a no brainer really!" - Grace, Senior Client Liaison


"We can! If you prefer a more hands-on approach to measuring your ring size, you can simply schedule a showroom appointment with us. We'll provide all the guidance you need to get it just right.

Can't make it to our showroom in person? No worries! We also offer virtual appointments. 

During these sessions, we can also showcase our stunning rings and assist with any inquiries you may have about finding your ideal piece. So, whether in person or virtually, we're here to make your ring sizing experience as smooth as possible!" - Helen, Luxury Sales Consultant