International Ring Size Converter

All Jessica Flinn Designs are measured using British sizing. If you know your ring size but in a none-UK measurement, please use the graph below to convert it into the British sizing.

Please note the converted sizes below are approximate, and may differ slightly from ring to ring. The most accurate method to find your UK ring size is to use our ring sizer, or you can have your ring size checked during your appointment in our showroom.

You can also read our blog: How to find out your partners ring size without them knowing to discover all the sneaky ways to find out a ring size.

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things to remember

When measuring your ring size, it's important to remember there are many factors that affect your ring size:

hot or cold weather

In the summer months, our fingers are generally larger and our rings will feel more snug than in colder months. Depending on each person, your finger size could fluctuate a number of sizes between winter and summer!

If you ring is loose in the winter and snug in the summer, this is completely normal! Just bear in mind the time of year when you're measuring your finger size, and if the weather changes drastically between the time you place your order and when your rings arrive, the fit of the ring may feel different.

As long as the ring is not uncomfortably tight or loose enough to fall off, a happy medium is exactly what your ring size should be.


After exercise (low impact or high impact), your fingers will be slightly larger than when you're relaxed and resting.

If you've been walking around or been to the gym, wait a few hours before taking your ring size. When you're well and truly relaxed (and not too warm or too cold), this is the perfect time to try the ring sizer!

weight loss or gain

Your finger size will fluctuate with your weight, so it's important to bear this in mind if you're taking your ring size in the middle of a weight loss journey. It's completely normal to need your rings resizing over time due to increase or decrease in weight, and you may find during pregnancy that your fingers change a lot! We recommend waiting until a few months after your pregnancy for your fingers to go back to normal and have your ring resized.