Delicate in Design, Bold in Impact: Introducing the Dainty Deco Collection

Dainty engagement rings

The Dainty Deco Collection has been one of our most loved collections here at Jessica Flinn, with vintage inspired designs such as Mabel, Hollie and Rosa becoming staple designs. But now it’s time for the new era of the Dainty Deco Collection, with 10 fresh rings making their debut alongside a couple of beloved favourites that have been beautifully redesigned. Inspired by the sleek, geometric lines of the Art Deco period and the beauty of delicate engagement rings, our newest collection is an exploration of subtle elegance and contemporary style. 

At the core of the Dainty Deco Collection lies a blend of minimalist elegance and the innovative creativity of Jessica Flinn’s award-winning Senior Designer, Emma. Emma embarked on a mission to distil the luxurious elements of Art Deco into a collection that radiates delicate vintage glamour while creating an element of modern charm.

Reflecting on her creative process, Emma notes, “The charm of Art Deco lies in its geometric lines and opulent simplicity. Our Dainty Deco Collection captures this essence with a selection of delicately designed engagement rings and wedding bands, each intricately crafted to make a bold yet refined statement. With designs such as Nina and Lola I wanted to incorporate design choices such as a bezel setting which is quintessential Art Deco, all the while maintaining a delicate and dainty appearance.”

This collection is for those who want to experience the luxurious appeal of precious metals and beautiful gemstones such as sapphires, salt and pepper diamonds and alexandrites, without opting for an extravagant design. Every ring in the Dainty Deco Collection is purposefully intended to be delicate and elegant in design.

One standout feature of the Dainty Deco Collection is the NHS-friendly design of several wedding rings. These pieces are crafted to be both practical and elegant for healthcare professionals. Recognising the demands of the NHS environment, these rings are made from durable materials such as platinum and 18ct yellow gold, with streamlined designs that ensure comfort for everyday wear. 

They have been designed with NHS regulations in mind, swapping diamonds and other gemstones that could come loose with intricate engravings. For example, Goldie features a curved shape and detailed fan engraving, meaning she has all the beauty without the need for gemstones. Hypoallergenic and easy to clean, these rings are perfect for maintaining strict hygiene standards without sacrificing style.

Affordability is another cornerstone of the Dainty Deco Collection, with all our new rings priced under £2000. This accessible pricing gives the opportunity for people to experience the luxury of our finely crafted jewellery without a hefty price tag. At Jessica Flinn, we've worked hard to create a collection that combines high quality craftsmanship with affordability, producing pieces that are both economically practical and beautiful, perfect for celebrating all those special moments.

If you are searching for a ring that speaks to you through delicate elegance and dainty charm then the Dainty Deco Collection could be the perfect destination. Explore the full collection to find your perfect petite ring.

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