Igniting a Revolution of Self-Love and Unapologetic Diversity

Here at Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery we have some dazzling news to share! Brace yourselves, because we're not just about crafting exquisite gemstone rings – we're on a mission to turn those old-school beauty standards on their heads and embrace a world of uniqueness, diversity, and pure GORGEOUSNESS!

We teamed up with the incredible Zebedee Model Management crew along with photographer Emily Bloomer, and let's just say, magic happened. Along with a squad of five extraordinary models Maya (she/her), Jasroop (She/Her), Rhianna (They/Them) Iona (She/Her), and Alicja (She/Her) we crafted a photoshoot that celebrates the individuality and uniqueness that exists within every person! With their diverse backgrounds, including vitiligo, down syndrome, and gender identity, they're the living proof that beauty knows no boundaries.

Hold onto your precious rings, because we took this collaboration and gave it a Jessica Flinn twist! Our models rocked our gemstone rings with confidence, proudly flaunting their unique features. It was like a burst of diversity and empowerment, gracefully flipping the bird to those outdated beauty norms.

Creative Designer Jessie, from Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery, spills the tea, "We didn't just want to create pretty pictures. We wanted to show that beauty isn't a mould; it's what makes you, well, you. Our rings shine brighter when paired with individuality."

The fashion world needed a wake-up call, and we heard it loud and clear. And, almost everyone agrees – there's a massive diversity gap out there and the APPG for Textiles and Fashion’s recent report proves it! Around 90% of those asked are saying they believed the images presented by the fashion industry failed to encompass a diverse range of body types and identities. And a solid 87.5% are raising their voices and saying that they don't feel represented by the fashion industries' adverts and photoshoots. Well, guess what? We've got our superhero capes on, ready to swoop in and make waves.

This isn't just a photoshoot, it's a conversation starter, a movement initiator. We're raising our voices for inclusivity and self-love, shouting from the rooftops that it's time to embrace our authentic selves.

Jessie Batsford (She/Her), 

Creative Designer

Jessica Flinn-Allen (She/Her),

CEO, Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery

Jessica Flinn-Allen herself, isn't holding back either: 

"It's high time we celebrate our differences. This initiative isn't just about jewellery—it's about creating a space where authenticity thrives and beauty takes on countless forms. Our campaign sends a message that it's okay to be yourself and that every uniqueness should be celebrated, not hidden."

“These are the faces our children and teens should be seeing in our press—people like them, unapologetically different.”

Our vision reaches far beyond the frames of a camera – it's about creating a realm where beauty blooms in all its diverse forms. Our gemstone rings? They're not just symbols of elegance; they embody the spirit of embracing authenticity and expressing your individual flair. Diversity isn't just a goal; it's our new normal.

Oh, and we're not stopping at the photoshoot. We're working towards making our sample rings in a wider range of sizes, because everyone – yes, everyone – deserves to shine in our bling. Teaming up with Zebedee and riding the online wave, we're painting a new picture of beauty – one that's all about embracing yourself, inside and out.

As a testament to our hometown, the entire creative team is rooted in Sheffield, adding that additional touch of northern charm! So, next time you're rocking some Jessica Flinn sparkle, just know you're not only wearing top-notch jewellery but also carrying a piece of that Sheffield magic with you.

So, grab your metaphorical fashion crown, because our dance with Zebedee Model Management isn't just about glossy visuals. It's a celebration of you, me, and every beautiful soul out there. By embracing diversity, giving inclusivity a warm hug, and throwing the ultimate self-love party, we're rewriting the script. As you flip through the chapters of self-discovery, know that Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery is here, cheering you on, and reminding you that you're the star of your own extraordinary story. Let's light up the world, lovelies!