How to buy a wedding ring when you can't visit us...

We know things are tricky at the moment, but if you're in the final months of wedding planning and are yet to find your wedding rings – we can help.

The ideal time to buy your wedding rings is around four to six months before your wedding if you want something bespoke. This gives you plenty of time to find your perfect fit, and to have it made in time for your big day. Of course, if you've fallen in love with one of our ready to ship designs, this can be with you a lot quicker!

With that being said, here are our top tips for choosing your wedding ring, if you can't visit us in person.

learn about your engagement ring

The first thing to think about when looking for your wedding ring is how it's going to complement your engagement ring. It's likely that a lot of time was spent researching and purchasing your engagement ring, but not many people think about which wedding ring will look perfect alongside it.

Firstly, is your engagement ring set in a high, or a low profile? If the stones are set in a high profile (wed-fit) then any straight band will happily sit underneath with the setting sitting above. 

If your engagement ring is low profile and sits more flush with your finger then you will need to look for a shaped wedding ring to complement it. Shaped wedding bands can include tiaras, ribbons and waves and can be made to fit your engagement ring exactly... more on that later!

book a virtual appointment

If you'd prefer to discuss your wedding band project with us in person, book a virtual appointment and a member of the Jessica Flinn team will happily go through all of our ready-to-ship pieces with you or discuss any ideas you might have for a bespoke ring. 

Our virtual appointments will allow you to see the rings up close, and if you have a Jessica Flinn engagement ring, we may even be able to show you the two styles together! 

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