Excellence Avenue Collection

It's officially Christmastime! You know the drill, it's time to cosy up with your all-time favourite festive film, let those Christmas tree lights work their magic in the background, and don't forget to crack open a tub of your ultimate Christmas chocolates. To get in the holiday spirit, we've designed a collection of rings inspired by one of the tastiest British holiday traditions. It's the perfect way to add a little extra sweetness to your festive season! So, if you're looking for a quality gift for a loved one or yourself, then look no further, we've got something that'll be right up your street with our Excellence Avenue Collection. If you want to read more about why we were driven to support this cause you can do so here!

This holiday season, we've decided to throw our support behind the S6 Food Bank, a remarkable organisation dedicated to serving our local community in Sheffield. As the busiest food bank in the city, we're fully committed to doing our part to ensure they can carry on their invaluable work. Our efforts include volunteering, collecting donations, and raising awareness, all in the hope that we can inspire you to join in and make a difference too.

To contribute and make a meaningful impact this Christmas, simply click on the link below. It will take you to the S6 Food Bank's Just Giving page, where you can donate whatever you can to support this worthy cause. Let's come together and spread the spirit of giving this holiday season! 


Team Flinn x

Orange Crisp Zinger


Our Orange Crisp Zinger is a zesty little stunner! She has a 0.47ct hexagon cut orange salt and pepper diamond as her centre stone and a pave band with 12 lab grown diamonds to boot. Drenched in scrumptious 14-carat rose gold, this ring is your cheeky, chocolate-inspired guilty pleasure. So why not indulge and add a dash of sweetness to your style?

green Hazelnut Heaven


Introducing Green Hazelnut Heaven, the dreamy, three-sided beauty! This enchanting ring features a remarkable 1.67-carat green trillion-cut tourmaline, snugly cradled in an elegant 18-carat yellow gold bezel setting. It's a mesmerising blend of nature's green beauty and the warmth of precious gold, making it a truly unique and heavenly piece for your collection! 

Strawberry Swirl Bliss


Looking for a fruity little beauty? Look no further than Strawberry Swirl Bliss! This beauty features a captivating 0.34-carat round brilliant-cut ruby at its core, with two 4mm kite-cut pink sapphires as its charming companions. All nestled in a luscious 9-carat rose gold setting, this ring is like a scrumptious slice of strawberry bliss on your finger! 

creamy Orange Dream


A ring that's as refreshing as a citrus breeze, as creamy as your favourite dessert, and just tangy enough to make your heart skip a beat. Introducing our Creamy Orange Dream ring. At the centre is a mesmerising 0.96-carat oval-cut orange sapphire, accompanied by lab-grown diamond side stones that only accentuate her radiant beauty. Set in lustrous 14-carat yellow gold, ensuring her warm glow will wrap you in a cozy embrace this Christmas.

Caramel Swoosh


Ready to turn heads and make a bold statement? Look no further than our "Caramel Swoosh" ring, a true signet masterpiece. This ring boasts the elegance of a 4x2mm marquise cognac diamond and a 2mm round brilliant-cut cognac diamond, creating a delightful and rich chocolate-inspired vibe. It's a captivating piece that's sure to leave a lasting impression! 

Toffee pointer


In search of an elegant addition to grace your finger? Look no further than our Toffee Pointer ring, the delectable delight you've been craving! This exquisite piece showcases a 0.41-carat elongated baguette-cut yellow sapphire, complemented by two sparkling 1.1mm lab-grown diamonds. Set in luxurious 18-carat yellow gold, it's the epitome of a deliciously chic ring that will satisfy your style cravings!

Pink Fudge


Prepare for a ring that's big, bold, and utterly mouthwatering! The Pink Fudge ring is a delectable addition to any jewellery collection. With a substantial 1.77-carat cushion-cut laboratory-grown diamond and two dazzling 4x3mm pink pear-cut sapphires, all embraced by the elegance of 18-carat rose gold, it's a scrumptious statement piece that's sure to satiate all those sweet cravings!

Creamy Choco Chunk


Who says classics have to be dull? The Creamy Choco Chunk ring is a mesmerising masterpiece that defies convention. Featuring a captivating 7x5mm optix-cut green tourmaline, four vivid 3x2mm green pear-cut sapphires, and six brilliant lab-grown round-cut diamonds, it's a stunning blend of elegance and uniqueness. The Creamy Choco Chunk is a classic for a reason, and she's here to stay!

The Amethyst one


A scrumptious pendant, The Amethyst One is a delectable adornment that's bound to add a touch of pizzazz to any necklace. At its heart, you'll find a striking 0.6-carat half-moon yellow sapphire, surrounded by a generous 27 purple amethyst that embrace the central gem like a delicious caramel drizzle. 

gold Toffee Coin


Behold the "Gold Toffee Coin," a genuine golden goddess ready to captivate all eyes. Her main attraction is a dazzling 0.35-carat round brilliant-cut lab-grown yellow diamond, perfectly complemented by the shimmer of 1mm lab-grown diamond side stones. This ring radiates the essence of golden toffee with unmatched charisma and brilliance, making a statement that's impossible to ignore!

Coconut Delight


Step into the tropics with the Coconut Delight ring, a vision of pure delight and beauty. At its core, a stunning 6x5mm octagon-cut blue sapphire steals the show, flanked by two 4x2mm baguette lab-grown diamonds and two trilliant-cut blue sapphires that add a touch of magic. All of this splendour is cradled in a bezel setting of luxurious 14-carat white gold, making it a truly enchanting piece that's impossible to resist! 

If you're eyeing a little extra sweetness for your Christmas and our chocolate-inspired designs have caught your attention, then why wait? Just drop us a line using the form below, and our dedicated Sales and Design team members will get back to you. Together, we'll whip up your very own delectable masterpiece that's sure to satisfy your style cravings!