THE alexandrite COLLECTION

Alexandrites have fascinating, colour-changing properties called “pleochroism”.  This dramatic transformation between shades has made them our new gemstone craving. When viewed in natural light, they are seen as zesty greens and blues. And they come alive at night (under incandescent light) with delicious red tones. Perfect for anyone wanting to unleash their alter-egos! 

If you are tempted by the rarity of a gemstone then a natural Alexandrite would be the perfect choice. Their rarity is reflected in their price. Jump between moss green and deep purple shades, making this intriguing gemstone a real conversation starter.

Lab created Alexandrite is generally more affordable than natural. These are created like their name says, in a lab! They grow under the same chemical ingredients as natural gems, only at a kinder to the earth, and accelerated rate. Wanting a transitioning Alexandrite from teals to brighter, more vivid purple? Lab would be the perfect option for you. 


ABOUT alexandrites


With a hardness of 8.5 on the MOH’s scale, Alexandrite is a durable gemstone. That however doesn’t mean they dont require some special attention. Removing your rings when washing the dishes, changing a tire, lifting weights or activities where accidents to your ring may be prone, we recommend removing your Alexandrite ring.

To keep your Alexandrite looking delicious, we also recommend the soapy bowl method. Just warm water with some soap and a baby toothbrush will do the job perfectly.  


Lucky enough to have a June birthday? Alexandrite is the lesser-known birthstone for you, over the more well-known Pearl. Or celebrating a 55th wedding anniversary? Treat yourself with this incredible gemstone. 

This rare gemstone was first discovered near the Tokovya river in Russia’s Ural Mountains in 1830.

Did you know that Prince Alexander II had Alexandrites named after him as they were discovered on his birthday, what a privilege! 

In 1987, Alexandrite was found in Brazil followed by Tanzania and Mozambique in 1993. Despite having various mines around the world, this gemstone is extremely rare. 


When Jessica and the design team met with trusted, ethical suppliers in Tucson they were introduced to mouth-watering Alexandrites. The uniqueness of their colour changing properties made this gemstone irresistible. Set into our designs, this tantalising gemstone really POPS.

Also due to their lab grown and natural options, we wanted to work with Alexandrite to ensure our customers can find a delicious piece, without exhausting the bank.  


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