upcycling vintage and heirloom jewellery

How to Recycle and Remodel your vintage pieces

Ever inherited some vintage jewellery but it’s not quite your style? Read our handy guide to re-modelling your heirloom or pre-loved jewellery into something spectacular and truly you.

Jewellery is extremely personal, and everyone’s jewellery style is different. What your Grandma loved, you might not, or you may simply have changed your jewellery taste over the years, and that’s okay! Some may feel guilty about purchasing new jewellery and leaving your older pieces behind, and that’s where remodelling your jewellery is the perfect way to update your collection in an economic and ethical way.

Here's little bit of information about how remodels work at Jessica Flinn:

'I' recreated a beloved piece by upgrading her centre stone to a stunning Ceylon Sapphire, set into a 9ct white gold mount

'C' decided her beautiful Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite was the star of the show, and chose a warm 14ct yellow gold solitaire setting

'M' loved our Wren setting, and had a petite diamond of her own that she wanted to make the most of. Set in 18ct yellow gold and platinum

'L' used her Round Brilliant Cut Diamond and created this stunning trilogy ring with new emerald sides stones, set in platinum

When it comes to repurposing or remodelling old jewellery, the world really is your oyster! Set your gemstones in a more modern setting, or a metal colour that suits you better. Add gemstones to create a design that incorporates the new and the old, or that represents members of your family.