wedding stories - bea & green

Bea Marshall and Green are the epitome of unique and quirky. They first met in 2013 at the album launch of a mutual friend and hit it off immediately. After years of fun and adventure together, Bea decided to take the leap and propose to Green in a very public manner on Facebook, not actually expecting him to say yes. To her surprise, Green said yes and they became the "Darlings."

Their wedding day was just as unconventional as they are. They got married on top of Higger Tor in the Peak District, with Bea as the barefoot bride in a homemade dress and space buns in her hair. Green ran to the wedding in a shiny running suit surrounded by runners from his running club. The ceremony was performed by a friend who was dressed as a priest.

Their guests enjoyed a picnic outside on the peak and then the party moved to Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield. Green had an alternative men's wedding ring from Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery's sister company, Flinn & Steel. Bea chose a bespoke pale purple sapphire solitaire engagement ring and a straight platinum wedding band to accompany it.

The bride and groom wanted their wedding to be truly inclusive and fun for everyone. The only dress code was to wear what you felt most comfortable in, which resulted in many guests showing up in onesies and fancy dress. Instead of confetti, they had a Tunnel Of Love created by guests blowing bubbles for them to walk through. They provided prosecco for everyone and asked guests to bring their own food, resulting in a giant picnic. In the evening, they hired Yellow Arch Studios for a party with Mexican street food and a Rock-E-Oke band.

One of Bea's favourite moments was standing on the edge of Higger Tor and watching Green run up to her, accompanied by her dog as a bridesmaid. She also cherished the ceremony itself and seeing her best friend, who was asked to facilitate the ceremony, show up in a Cardinal's costume. She also loved having her boys with her to cut the wedding cakes, which the boys designed themselves.

At Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery, we believe that unique weddings are truly special and we want all our couples to feel empowered to do what's right for them. By sharing the story of Bea & Green's wedding, we hope to inspire and empower other couples to make their special day truly their own. The photos of their special day were taken by Shelley Richmond of Kindred Wedding Photography.

The Darlings got engaged on 29th Feb 2016 (a Leap Year) and got married in 2017. They continue to live life to the fullest and inspire others to be true to themselves, no matter how unconventional it may be. We are honoured to have been a part of their unique and unforgettable wedding journey.

“We knew we wanted to work with Jessica Flinn for our rings and it was perfect timing because Flinn and Steel was just arriving on the scene. We wanted simple but meaningful rings. Green wanted his ring rooted into Sheffield’s steel history while also incorporating the Silver Birch wood from one of our favourite places in the Peak District. It was amazing to have a bespoke design that combines these two elements. I wanted practical sparkle! Looking after animals, gardening, lifting weights etc means that my rings have to cope with what I throw at them. I loved the way Jess understood my needs and combined it with my personality to create a stunning engagement ring and wedding band that is perfect for me. Their customer service has been incredible too. I’m excited about the next ring I buy from Jessica Flinn when my business hits a milestone I’ve set as a goal.”