We have some exciting news to share as we bask in the warmth of the long, leisurely days of the British summer! At Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery, our unique designs are always a reflection of the changing seasons and the rich cultural landscape that surrounds us. Today, we are absolutely thrilled to introduce you to our latest creation - the "Summer Soirée" engagement ring.

Taking inspiration from the joy and vibrancy of a British seaside summer, the Summer Soirée is a stunning blend of pink and orange sapphires, reflecting the glorious hues of a seaside sunset. It encapsulates the spirit of sticks of rock, parasols, and the quintessential experience of a British beach getaway.

And there's more: we're committed to sustainable luxury, which is why the Summer Soirée is meticulously crafted in 18ct Rose Gold, sourced entirely from recycled materials. Our lab-grown diamonds further enhance this ethos, combining ethical sourcing with eye-catching beauty.

The Summer Soirée isn't just an engagement ring - it's a slice of British summer that you can wear, all year round! This ring is a celebration of all things bright and bold, much like the joy of sipping a cold, refreshing beverage by the seaside on a warm summer's day.

The Summer Soirée is now available for purchase directly from our online store, here. Retailing at £1,370, this ring is ready to add a sun-kissed touch to your summer style, and we believe that you'll be just as 'beachy-keen' on the Summer Soirée as we are! This isn't just a piece of jewellery; it's a lifestyle choice, a statement of sustainable luxury, and the perfect accessory to infuse your summer wardrobe with some seaside sparkle.

So here's to embracing the spirit of the British summer, right on our fingertips! 

Wishing you an endless summer,