Does your birth month have a secret birthstone?

9th January 2024
Maddy Bradley-Few

Birthstones have long been celebrated for their symbolism and believed mystical properties, each associated with a specific month of the year. But did you know that some months have one or even two more secret birthstones, so, lets unveil the mystery behind these lesser-known gems that add an extra layer of intrigue to your personal birthstone connection.

Birthstone chart

January birthstone - Garnet

January has just one birthstone, the garnet! It's a beautiful gem that usually comes in a stunning deep red colour, but it can come in many other colours such as purple, green and yellow. 

It's symbolism is protection, making them a popular stone for royalty.

february birthstone - amethyst

Another month with just the one birthstone, the birthstone for February is the amethyst. Known for its purple colouring and connections to spirituality, the amethyst is a wonderful birthstone!

March birthstone - Bloodstone & Aquamarine

March has two birthstones, the bloodstone and the aquamarine! 

Bloodstones, also known as heliotropes, are unique gems prized for their dark green colour adorned with red speckles. Believed to possess healing properties and associated with courage, these stones have a rich history steeped in symbolism. With a visually striking appearance and meaningful significance, bloodstones make a captivating gemstone for those born in March.

Aquamarine, a mesmerising blue gem named after the ocean, is celebrated for its serene and calming properties. This crystal-clear gem symbolises clarity, emotional balance, and a connection to the soothing energies of the ocean.

April birthstone - Diamond

The diamond, synonymous with April's birthstone, stands as an enduring symbol of everlasting love and strength. Renowned for its exceptional brilliance and unmatched hardness, the diamond is a timeless gem that reflects the purity and resilience associated with those born in April. Its dazzling sparkle and enduring beauty make it a cherished choice for both symbolic and glamorous jewellery pieces.

May birthstone - Emerald

Emerald, the radiant green gem representing May's birthstone, is a symbol of rebirth, love, and prosperity. Known for its lush and vibrant green hue, the emerald is believed to bring harmony, growth, and renewal to its wearer. Whether set in a stunning ring or elegant necklace, the emerald's rich colour and storied symbolism make it a cherished gem for those born in May.

June birthstone - Alexandrite & pearl

June has two birthstones, the alexandrite and pearl. Both beautiful gems with very different looks and meanings...

Alexandrite is celebrated for its remarkable color-changing characteristics, transitioning from purple to blue and even green under specific lighting conditions. Its durability makes it an ideal gemstone for everyday wear, offering both beauty and resilience to those who adorn it.

The pearl, June's secondary birthstone, uniquely originates from a living organism, the mollusk. Renowned for its lustrous white appearance, pearls also exhibit a diverse spectrum of colours, including enchanting shades of pink, warm browns, and serene blues. This gem, formed within the depths of mollusk shells, adds a touch of natural elegance to the June birthstone repertoire.

July birthstone - Ruby

The ruby, July's birthstone, is renowned for its vivid red hues symbolizing passion and love. Worn for centuries by royalty, the ruby is believed to bring good fortune and vitality. This timeless gem, with its rich cultural significance, remains a symbol of enduring love and prosperity for those born in July.

August birthstone - peridot, Spinel & sardonyx

August boasts a trio of birthstones, offering those born in this month a delightful selection of three gems: peridot, spinel, and sardonyx. This unique variety provides individuals with the opportunity to choose from a range of lovely gemstones to celebrate their August birthdays.

Peridot boasts a vibrant green hue with pronounced yellow undertones, setting it apart from other green gemstones like emerald. Its distinctive colouring adds a unique touch to jewellery pieces.

Spinel is recognised for its vivid and robust pink colour, coupled with impressive hardness, making it an excellent option for daily wear. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, spinel carries connotations of strength, adding to its appeal for those seeking durable and meaningful gemstones.

Sardonyx exhibits captivating banded colour patterns, often featuring earthy and blue tones. With a rich historical background, this stone has adorned jewellery for centuries, making it a timeless and culturally significant choice.

September birthstone - Sapphire

Sapphire, September's birthstone, is celebrated for its captivating blue hues, symbolizing wisdom and nobility. With a rich history of bringing protection and heavenly blessings, the sapphire continues to be a timeless and meaningful choice for those born in September, adding elegance and sincerity to their jewellery collections.

October birthstone - Opal & Tourmaline

Opal, one of October's birthstones, is prized for its mesmerising play of colours, showcasing a vibrant spectrum within a single gem. Symbolising creativity and inspiration, opal is a unique and cherished choice for those celebrating birthdays in October.

Tourmaline, October's alternative birthstone, captivates with its diverse spectrum of colours, ranging from vivid pinks and greens to deep blues and more. Revered for its alleged metaphysical properties and association with balance and positive energy, tourmaline adds a touch of individuality and spiritual significance to October birthstone jewellery.

November birthstone - Topaz & Citrine

Topaz, November's birthstone, dazzles with its warm golden hues, although it can be found in a spectrum of colours, including blue and pink. Revered for its symbolisation of abundance and good fortune, topaz brings a touch of elegance and positive energy to those born in November.

Citrine enchants with its sunny yellow hues, symbolising warmth, positivity, and abundance. Renowned for its radiant colour and alleged properties of promoting creativity and prosperity, citrine adds a vibrant and optimistic touch to November birthstone jewellery.

December birthstone - Zircon, tanzanite & turquiose

December boasts three birthstones, all showcasing varying blue tones. Zircon, renowned for its high refractive index, dazzles with brilliance and durability, making it an excellent choice for jewellery. 

Tanzanite, December's birthstone, stands out for its breathtaking violet-blue color, radiating elegance and charm. Uniquely found only in Tanzania, this gem's exclusivity adds a touch of rarity and splendour to those celebrating December birthdays.

Lastly, turquoise, symbolising protection, requires special care due to its sensitivity to chemicals, ensuring its beautiful oceanic hue endures over time.

Here we have our comprehensive compilation of birthstones, uncovering some that might have been previously unknown to you! If you're among the fortunate individuals with multiple birthstones, congratulations on the extra dose of gemstone luck that uniquely reflects your personality and style.