let's get on a first name basis with mesmerising moissanites

Ever wondered what would happen if you shook a fairy really hard, collected all the sparkles, and then shoved them into a gemstone shaped mould?**

Well, I don’t know what that would make, but my guess is.. It would look like a Teal Moissanite. 

The actual MERMAIDS of the gemstone realm, Teal Moissanites boast vivid colour, a stunning level of clarity, whilst effortlessly bouncing light throughout their endless chambers of facets in full rainbow colour. Yep, magical.

**No fairies were harmed in the writing of this blog

How did the humble human race stumble across something so surreal and heavenly?

Well, it all began when a meteorite fell to Earth, of course

The rare natural material was discovered in a crater - made by the meteor in question - by frenchman Henri Moissan who originally believed he had encountered Diamond, and had not yet realised it was something far, far more other worldly. Though Diamond and Moissanite bear a few similarities, they couldn’t be more different!

In any design scenario, Teal Moissanite can hold her own as the centre of attention, with a stunning spectrum of colour flashing through her facets. Don't let this fool you into thinking she can't be paired with other stunning colourful gemstones. She can make room!

With this in mind the sheer INDULGENCE of the Teal Moissanite, when paired with a rich yellow or rose gold, can be topped by very little, having the hypnotic effect that one should normally experience when walking into a cavern full of treasure. Whereas, embraced by a cool metal such as white gold or platinum, she takes on a striking, almost intimidating amount of presence, shamelessly tempting you to stare into her for eternity.

To summarise, why hold back - would you even be able to? - from possessing a Teal Moissanite, when it may in fact be the closest thing we have to magic on this adorable, spinning green and blue orb we call home.