Hey there, jewellery lovers! My name is Jessica Flinn-Allen, and I'm delighted to share my founder's story with you. I'm the proud founder of two thriving Sheffield-based jewellery companies, Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery and Flinn & Steel Ltd. One focuses on unique and unusual engagement and wedding rings, while the other specialises in alternative metal wedding bands made from metals such as titanium and tantalum.

My journey began during my studies in Metalwork and Jewellery at Sheffield Hallam University. I realised that I didn't love making jewellery with my hands as much as the other students did, and that's when I discovered my passion for design and business management.

After graduation, I started my first business, which focused on wholesale stainless steel and silver jewellery. It went well initially, but then the decline of the British high street hit, and many jewellery branches closed down, including my 19 concessions in House of Fraser. I lost £250,000, but I refused to give up on my dream of running a successful jewellery business.

I set up a small jewellery showroom on my own, with a team of one working from our home in the Peak District. I started building my business back up, offering one-to-one design appointments for wedding and engagement rings, and slowly began to recover my business.

During my time at university, I also studied abroad at Kookmin University in South Korea, where I learned about mass production, 3D printing, and casting. I realised that embracing technology was the key to running a successful jewellery business. This realisation led me to focus on design and business management rather than making every single piece by hand.

Then, the pandemic hit, and my supply chain shut down. But I didn't let that stop me. My husband and I decided to start another business that could all be done from home. Flinn and Steel was born, with my husband making stainless steel wedding rings from his garden studio and me masterminding all the marketing, website, and branding. We grew the businesses from our home, faced new challenges, and overcame them with determination and hard work.

Now, several years later, my businesses are thriving, and I have a team of talented and dedicated individuals who share my passion for creating beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery. It's been a rollercoaster ride, but I wouldn't have it any other way.