how to clean your rings at home

Most people don't realise how easy it is to keep their rings looking spick and span from the comfort of their own home, so that's where we step in! Follow these easy steps to give your jewellery the TLC it deserves.

step 1. clean


- small bowl of lukewarm water and washing up liquid, and another with only water

- baby or soft bristled toothbrush

- clean, soft cloth (a piece of kitchen towel will do in a pinch!)

1. Gather your ingredients and set yourself up AWAY from the sink. We don't want any rings flying down the drain!

2. Place your ring in the bowl to soak if it needs a really good clean, go and make yourself a cuppa and come back in 3-5 minutes.

3. Remove your ring from the bowl, and hold your ring by the band. Wet the toothbrush in soapy water, and give your ring a good scrub. Remember to get in all the nooks and crannies, especially under the setting which can get clogged with hand creams etc.

4. Dip your ring in the second bowl of water to rinse, and place your ring on the soft cloth to dry for a few minutes.

5. When dry, rub the band of your ring gently with the soft cloth

6. Grab your sunnies because your ring will be *dazzling* to behold

step 2. CHECK

Once your ring is clean, we recommend checking your ring to make sure everything is secure and ready to pop back on your finger.

Checking the condition of your ring is a really important part of jewellery care. Our beloved pieces stick with us through thick and thin, and just like us, they need some extra care from time to time.

Look at your ring closely and in good lighting, paying particular attention to the claws (also referred to as prongs). If they are raised away from the stone or look like they're thinner than when you first got your ring, we recommend contacting a jeweller and having them tightened or re-tipped. Small repair work such as this reduces the likelihood of any more serious damage, such as losing a gemstone. If you have any concerns, take your ring off immediately and place it in a box for safekeeping until a jewellery can take a look!

We recommend taking your rings for a professional inspection every 6 months. The jeweller may make strong recommendations for repair work, or may advise on less urgent repairs - just like your car's MOT.

step 3. polish

Little scratches here and there are unavoidable; after all, we often wear them every day and if we're being completely honest, forget to take them off when we know we should! Let us introduce you to your new bestie, the humble polishing cloth.

There are plenty of tools you can use to give your jewellery a bit of TLC, and a polishing cloth should be the top of your list. Keep one in your bag or in your bedside table and when you remember, use this handy little cleaning tool to bring some shine back to your beloved rings!

Hold your ring firmly and rub the polishing cloth over the shank of your ring firmly (not too hard, but not too gently either, just like a massage!). Continue until you're happy that your ring is looking scrumptious and shiny, and get it back on your finger to dazzle once more!

step 4. CHErish

Wear your jewellery with love, and treat it carefully so it can last lifetimes. Jessica Flinn rings are made to last, but unfortunately not all beautiful things are indestructible.

We aim to work with materials and gemstones that can be worn daily with care, however certain pieces need more care than others. Our expert team are here to help if you have any questions about how to care for your Jessica Flinn piece.

Our advice is to wear your rings every day, just not all the time. Your rings will thank you for it (and it will cost you less in repairs!).

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