has kim kardashian's latest purchase caused an amethyst revival? we hope so!

written by jessica flinn-allen, ceo

By now we've all heard the news about Kim Kardashian's latest purchase; a famous amethyst and diamond necklace once worn by Princess Diana. The reality TV star splashed out a whopping £163,000 to add this stunning piece of jewellery to her collection.

This one-of-a-kind piece has really caught my attention, and I've got amethysts on the brain. As a wedding and engagement ring specialist, I've noticed a significant increase in Google search trends for the purple gemstone. In just the past month, the number of Searches has gone up by a staggering 163%!

Amethyst has a unique natural purple colour and has been a staple in the jewellery world for centuries, so it's surprising that it's an unusual choice to see on our favourite celebs. In true Kim K fashion, she's caused a resurgence of interest in the gemstone, and I'm thrilled to see it!

Amethyst can be found in a range of colours, from purplish-grey to vivid, bright purple. It can even be heat treated to produce citrine, a warm yellow hue, or even made into Ametrine, which is a bi-coloured stone of purple and yellow.

This gemstone is the traditional birthstone for February and was extremely popular in the 1800s. Despite being slightly softer than other gemstones commonly used for engagement rings, amethyst is still a beautiful choice for those looking to incorporate it into their jewellery collection. The most important thing to know about wearing amethyst jewellery is that it must be treated with care. I recommend choosing jewellery pieces that are not as prone to wear and tear, such as earrings or pendants. For those concerned about the durability of amethyst, spinel and purple sapphire are great alternatives to consider. Both have a soft purple tone, with spinel being slightly harder than amethyst, and sapphire being the hardest gemstone after diamond. Sapphire in particular is an excellent choice for a jewellery piece you would like to wear daily, and it can be found in a vast array of colours.

We would love to hear from you if you're interested in commissioning your very own amethyst piece, or maybe there's something for you in our Ready in 6 weeks collection? Here's a little taster:

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