High street jewellers? In the words of Villanelle... BOOOOOORING. 
We like to do things differently, with a focus on beautiful non-traditional diamonds and gemstones. 
Our process begins at the heart of the ring, starting with a  gemstone handpicked by Jess and the team to pair with one of our designs that will show their true potential.

Heard of the MOH's scale? No? Let me tell you... It is used to find a gemstones hardness. 
 We create rings that will last a lifetime and this needs to be reflected in the gemstones and diamonds we are sourcing. This is why we only work with a score of 7.5 or above. Bye-bye soft gemstones, you are NOT for us. 

In this blog we will uncover an abundance of unique diamonds and gemstones ranging from Lab Grown Diamonds to Tantalising Teals, and everything in between. 

White diamonds

White diamonds are elegant and timeless. 
We're proudly anti emoji ring, aiming to create designs that break away from tradition. White diamonds are impressive as they throw off incredible sparkle. They are the hardest gemstone, making them great for everyday wear. Diamonds are graded on the 'Four C's' - colour, cut, clarity and carat (weight). We only work with diamonds which dance in the light and have a colour of either G, H, or above. How can we ever say no?


We get very excited when a colourful diamond arrives, due to their instant appeal with vibrant colors dancing in multiple facets. They come in a vast array of shades and colours to match the wearers style. Some are irradiated to enhance their natural colour and to reach their full potential. Not only are they beautiful and unique, they break conventions of the 'norm', and we are here for that! Some of our favourites are blues, greens, yellows and cognac shades - because who doesn't love a distinctive diamond? 

Lab grown diamonds

You could say that creating Lab Grown Diamonds without mining the earth is nothing short of magical. Why? Quite simply, this process achieves in months or even days, what nature takes billions of years to create. Using a seed diamond, the perfect conditions are created to grow and mature a stunning diamond, so you can wear and treasure it for a lifetime. With all the same benefits and hardness of a white diamond or coloured diamond, this ethical option is becoming one of our new favourites. 

salt and pepper diamonds

Not afraid to shy away, Salt and Pepper Diamonds are made to stand out in a crowd with beautiful inclusions that really pack a punch. These non-traditional diamonds encase beautiful specks called inclusions, which dance in the diamond creating patterns from Dalmatian spots, stormy nights or celestial skies. 

Non-traditional diamonds are becoming a very popular choice for alternative brides. With each Salt and Pepper harnessing its own unique character and charm, it is quite easy to fall in love. Adding to their intrigue, you'll never find another the same. 

We hand pick each of our Salt and Pepper diamonds, and aim to avoid surface reaching inclusions wherever possible, however sometimes the stone is so beautiful that we can't resist! We quality check each stone and it's inclusions to ensure they're of top Jessica Flinn quality before being chosen. 


Sapphires are sourced from all over the world. Personally selected by Jessica and the team, our Sapphires have completed their journey from trusted global independent suppliers. 

Who says a sapphire has to be blue? We work with a vast array of colourful Sapphires. Sri Lanka boasts incredible Pink and Ceylon Blue Sapphires. Thinking of the notorious Sapphire from the Titanic film - the heart of the ocean? Why not take a peek at our Montana and Australian Sapphires, celebrated for their gorgeous depth of blues and teals making you long for that summer break near the sea. 


Tourmalines are one of the most beautiful gemstones with a fabulous display of colours, so many in fact, they have the greatest range of colour of any gemstone! They all have 'pleochroism', which is when their colour changes when viewed at different angles, so you'll never get bored of one colour. Amazing right?! Lot's of our Tourmaline designs are Optix cut, making them truly hypnotising.

Optix cuts are unique to one of our stone suppliers, making these stones even more special.

Introducing the beryl family...

No we're not talking about Beryl, your friendly next door neighbour. We are talking about the Beryl family gemstones, named after their mineral compositions. 

Our first member of the family is Morganites. They are beautiful due to their pinky peach tones. We love designing with a mix of Morganites and white diamonds to give a delicate soft aesthetic. Wanting to treat yourself? This stone is mainly associated with love and attraction, with some believing that wearing Morganite aids in the discovery of one's soulmate... I'll take the lot.

Another member of this family are Emeralds, a very sought after gemstone due to their unmatched green hues. Interesting fact: Columbia mines the largest amount of Emeralds, contributing to more than 50 percent of all production worldwide. (Save that for the family quiz!) 

These collections of gemstones need to be treated with care, including being removed when showering, washing up and swimming to prolong their gorgeous appearance. 

As beautiful as they are, we choose not to work with soft gemstones such as Opals, Pearls, Quartz or Amber. We want strong, durable, "life" friendly gemstones. Got your heart set on Amber? How about our harder alternative of Cognac Diamonds! 
Or maybe you want Quartz? We have Sapphires BURSTING with colours and personality.