Let's get technical, The anatomy of an engagement ring

So, you're on the hunt for that perfect engagement ring, or maybe you're just diving into the sea of inspiration. But hold on tight, because along the way, you might stumble upon a bunch of terms that sounds like a foreign language. Yep, an engagement ring might look pretty straightforward, but it's like a fancy puzzle made up of different design pieces that all come together to make something awesome.

Don't worry though! Getting friendly with these terms isn't just a crash course in bling vocabulary, it's like having your own secret weapon when you're chatting with a jewellery whiz or dropping hints to your partner. So, get ready to unlock the mysteries of the engagement ring universe as we take a whimsical tour through its intricate anatomy. We're going to shine a light on all the cool little pieces that join forces to create this epic piece of wearable art.

The Centre Stone

Right at the core of every engagement ring there's this rockstar called the centre stone – it's like the headliner of the whole show, taking up the prime real estate in the spotlight. This rock is where the real juicy discussions happen when it comes to engagement rings.

While the classic round shape still gets its fair share of love, there's a whole buffet of modern choices that jazz things up. Think oval, pear, emerald, cushion, marquise, and radiant cuts – it's like a gemstone party with all these different shapes, giving your ring a dash of individuality that's totally you.

Different shapes have unique visual qualities, and trends evolve over time. The centre stone also influences the ring's setting and the design of the matching wedding band. Overall, it's a lasting symbol of love and commitment.

At Jessica Flinn, we have a lineup of amazing gemstones that are all about owning that centre spot in your ring game. We're all about those unique, eye-catching choices that set you apart.

Side and Accent Stones

When decking out the sides of the superstar centre gemstone, the side and accent stones bring in some extra flair to the party. They hang out on the shoulders, or the shank – think of them like the entourage to the main event. These little stones can be diamonds or other gems and they come in all sorts of funky shapes, making your ring feel like it's tailored just for you.

The Setting

Alright, time to talk about the ultimate ring ensemble – the setting. This is where all the action happens. The setting is basically how all those stones get cozy on the band. And hey, it's not just about looking good – this choice helps to determine your ring's look, feel, and even its durability!

There's a whole bunch of styles to choose from, each with its own individual flair:

Solitaire: classic and eternally popular, featuring an all-metal band and a singular centre stone

Halo: encircles the centre stone with smaller gemstones for a dazzling look

Three Stone: highly sought after for their added sparkle and symbolic meaning, featuring a main centre gem with two smaller accent diamonds on each side

Hidden Accent: features hidden diamond accents found in a halo under the centre stone, a diamond-accented bridge, or a diamond-adorned gallery

the Prongs

Alright, let's talk about the unsung heroes of the engagement ring – the prongs, also known as "claws." These little guys make sure that centre stone stays put in the fanciest way possible. They're like tiny metal fingertips that cradle the heart of the ring and keep it from going on any unplanned adventures.

Picture this: there's the elegant claw prongs that are all pointy and sharp, the bead prongs that are more rounded and cute, and even the V-shaped ones that stand out in their own cool way. Picking the prong style isn't just about looks – it's like matchmaking between the setting style you chose and the unique shape of that centre gem. It's a true testament to the crafty wizards who put together every engagement ring.

the Gallery

Imagine the engagement ring as a grand stage, and in this dazzling performance, the gallery takes on the role of the unsung hero – often missed but oh-so-important. It's like a secret treasure tucked away right under the head of the ring. When you catch a side glimpse of the centre stone, that's the gallery showing off its magic.

Think of it as a little art exhibition in its own right. This spot is where the details shine – hidden diamond accents and intricate designs that bring a whole new layer of charm to the ring. It's like the artist's brushstrokes that make a masterpiece truly exceptional. Just like that, the gallery takes the engagement ring's beauty and charm and turns it into a whole new level of enchantment and elegance.


Within the tapestry of an engagement ring, the bridge emerges as a foundation of both support and artistry. This integral component elevates the head, providing a sturdy base for the centrepiece. Moreover, it serves as a canvas for creative expression, welcoming additional design elements like diamond accents or the intricate charm of a milgrain pattern. As the bridge unites form and function, it becomes a symbol of the harmonious blend between structural integrity and captivating aesthetics.

the Shoulder

In the choreography of an engagement ring's design, the shoulder takes its place as the graceful opening act. These upper sides of the ring initiate the transition to the shank, setting the stage for the ring's overall aesthetics. As the gateway to the shank, the shoulder introduces a realm of possibilities. It can boast various forms - be it a graceful twist, a sleek flat surface, a subtle curve, or an inclusion of other distinctive design nuances. Akin to a prelude, the shoulder provides a preview of the ring's individuality, promising a captivating journey ahead.

The shank

Let's zoom in on a sneaky hero of the engagement ring – the shank! Think of it as the band's stylish cousin, the one that's all about giving you a comfy hug while looking awesome. This metal circle is like a cozy home for your finger and it starts its journey right where the shoulders end, making everything flow together oh-so-perfectly.

Now, the shank isn't just any ol' piece of metal – it's got personality! You've got your sleek shanks that are like the cool kids in the corner and then you've got the ones that go all out with diamond accents, making a sparkly party that goes all around the ring. It's like the ultimate bling-y dance party!


The sizing area is like the hidden realm of customisation that's all about making your ring fit like it was made just for you. This part lives at the lower end of the shank and it's basically the backstage where the magic happens.

This is where the ring gets cut and shaped to fit your finger perfectly. It's like a master class in customisation. The sizing area is all about the delicate art of adjusting, maybe adding a bit of metal or taking some away to make sure your ring feels like it's giving your finger a gentle hug.

Whether you're aiming to pump up the bling or just want that snug fit, the sizing area is like the epicenter of personalization. It's where the engagement ring becomes more than just jewellery – it becomes this special, one-of-a-kind adornment that's all about you!

empowering your ring journey with knowledge

Alright, let's break it down, ring style detectives! Learning all the ins and outs of an engagement ring isn't just about being a savvy shopper – it's like unlocking the magic words to tell your partner or a jewellery whiz exactly what you're dreaming of.

Whether you're into the classic cool of a solitaire, the bling-bling brilliance of a halo, the fancy symbolism of a three-stone stunner, or the sneaky charm of a hidden accent, every single piece matters. 

Now that you've got this ring schooling under your belt, it's time for the fun part: diving into all the styles that match your uniqueness. Our special collection is like a treasure trove of options, each one ready to tell a story that's totally you. Your journey to finding that perfect ring, the one that's practically singing your name is like the adventure you've been waiting for. Get ready to rock it!