creative & unique engraving ideas for wedding rings

Wedding ring engravings have been a tradition for many years, as a way to add a personal touch to your rings that you and your partner can share. If you're stuck for ideas about what to engrave in your wedding ring(s), here's some inspiration!


Date engravings might not seem like the most creative engraving, but it doesn't make them any less special in meaning. The date you met, the date you realised your partner was 'The One', the date your partner proposed; these are all times you'll never forget, and can be memorialised in your wedding rings.

what three words

WhatThreeWords engravings are becoming increasingly popular for wedding rings, and we understand why! WhatThreeWords allocates three random words to every square metre on the entire planet, and can be used to easily identify your location. Not only is this a really unique way to commemorate the location of your first date or where you proposed, some of the word combinations are pretty funny!

For example, these are the WhatThreeWords for the Eiffel tower:

Find your own special location words here:


Just like WhatThreeWords, co-ordinates are a great way to represent a special location in a unique way. It could be the co-ordinates of where your proposal happened, the location of your first date, or simply your favourite place to spend time together.

nicknames & 'In jokes'

Engraving your nickname for your partner, or an 'in joke' between the two of your is a fantastic way to create a personal and unique wedding ring engraving. Engrave 'sweet cheeks', 'snookums' or even a slightly naughtier nickname for a more humorous way of representing your love! Nothing too naughty though, remember you've got to tell your engraver what you want!

Phrases from your favourite films or TV shows are another great engraving choice, or silly things you say to one another to cheer yourselves up, choose something that means something to you and your partner but might be gibberish to someone else!

emojis and images

Why not commemorate your wedding with your favourite emoji or small image that represents your partnership? One of our most popular requests is this cute little lobster, which most of you will know was made famous by Ross and Rachel.

Choose a love heart, a bride and groom 👰‍♀️🤵‍♂️(or bride & bride, or groom & groom, or person & person), or even a croissant 🥐

Our top tip - if you want a specific image, please find a suitable image and send it over to us. We want to get everything just right for your special wedding ring engravings!

Engravings are all about representing the love between you and your partner. Don't think too hard about what you want your engravings to be - follow your instincts and it will be just right.

One last note which our engraving tech insisted upon - please no elvish 😅