How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Band for Your Vintage Engagement Ring

13th December 2023

Cherry-Mae Whitehead-Howse

So, you’ve found the love of your life, and with them comes the most stunning vintage engagement ring. You cried, they cried, and you nearly (but not quite) get tired of everyone asking to see THE ring. 

…And then you realise you actually have to plan the wedding. 

With so many things to sort out, you’ve barely had time to think, let alone get down into the nitty-gritty of shopping for wedding rings. And now you’re here it’s all a bit overwhelming. There’s so many opinions out there, and so many options, you just don’t know where to start! Well don’t worry, Jessica Flinn has your back.

We have sifted through the wild-west that is the internet, spoken to our own in-house experts, and distilled everything you need to know to get a pairing so perfect it screams ‘till death do us part’. Best of all, we have matched up some of the team’s own vintage treasures so you can see just how special it is when you get it right!

Let's cover a few basics before we get distracted by the pretty rings, so you know where to begin when you're ready to choose your own!


It’s maybe the most important part of pairing any of your rings together, and if you choose correctly it could potentially save you thousands down the line in repairs. Really it’s the simplest thing to remember: make sure they match!

If you have a 14ct Yellow Gold engagement ring then you know we want to see that matching hallmark on your wedding ring!

The higher the purity (metal content) of your ring, the softer it tends to be. It means if you wear a 14ct engagement ring with a 9ct wedding band, your wedding band will slowly start to wear away at the higher carat ring. This can lead to crucial supports on your ring wearing down over time, and could even lead to the loss of a stone. 


Maybe you’ve spent your whole life thinking of your wedding ring as that straight, golden band you see in films. And then when the time comes….it won’t fit with your ring?

Vintage engagement rings often have unique shapes, especially if you want something more ornate than a simple solitaire. They usually don't fit perfectly with a straight band, so you can't just slide it on as easily as you might imagine. It might be time to look at other options if you want that seamless fit; shaped wedding bands are fast becoming the go to choice for many nearly-weds.

At Jessica Flinn we also offer custom shaped-to-fit packages, so that your rings will look like they were made for each other (because they are).


If you have a white gold engagement ring, you probably already know about the maintenance this metal requires. For anyone who doesn't know, if you want to keep up that silvery sheen you’ll need to get your ring re-plated about once a year. Otherwise eventually the ring will begin to yellow to a pale champagne colour.

You may love the tarnish, and there is something romantic about your jewellery showing the length of your commitment. But putting your brand new wedding band next to your tarnished engagement ring doesn't look like it says 'match made in heaven'. Consider getting your engagement ring re-plated before the big day, that way your rings can gather that patina together! 

That’s enough of the technical stuff, let’s find your perfect match inspo!

Sustainable Solutions

Making ethical choices is fast becoming a bigger priority for many proposal-hopefuls. Buying a second hand engagement ring is a great way to say yes sustainably. This emerald cut green sapphire ring is from one of the many Art-Deco inspired eras and features delightfully decorative claws!

Many nearly-weds struggle to find a wedding band that fits when they have an Art-Deco engagement ring. We have paired this one with our lovely tiara ring, Arrietty. As she’s one of our wider options, she’s a perfect gentle partner to soften the sharp edges of this emerald cut sapphire. Even better, you can safely continue to make sustainable choices, as all of our gold rings are cast from recycled gold. 

More is More

If you like sparkle, don’t let anyone tell you less is more. We are here to help you take a little shimmer and transform it into a disco ball. Don’t let us hold you back with just one ring either, more and more couples are opting to bypass the customary waiting period and going straight for the wedding and eternity rings in one potent package of perfection. 

Our vintage style starlet here is an 18ct white gold halo cluster, featuring eight old cut earth grown diamonds and a central oval ruby set with talon claws. She’s truly the heirloom dream. To really bring the bling we have paired her with both our Petite and standard-size Joanie Tiara rings. This double halo effect will wow your wedding guests, and effortlessly elevate your outfits for the rest of your life (you’re welcome). 

Keeping it Classic

Some things never go out of style for long, and it looks like sapphires are this season's must-have. Pair that deep blue with some yellow gold and an illusion set halo and you have the quintessential vintage engagement ring. Here we have a vintage engagement ring that ticks all those boxes. She’s a combo metal ring, so her band is 9ct yellow gold and her setting is 9ct white gold. 


The star students of our Jessica Flinn training academy will be thinking back to the basics, and asking how we can match the metal when there are two different metals on one ring. We spoke to our Junior Designer Emma to get it clear!

She says: “ The best rule of thumb is to go with the hardest metal, but pay attention to where your rings will touch, and prioritise the metal on the most delicate areas! Most rings with an illusion setting will only have a different metal on top of the ring, but your setting will be the same as the band. It's always best to check with an expert if you’re unsure, and our team will be happy to help you out!”

We have paired this vintage sapphire engagement ring with the lovely Eliza to really push the delicate diamond sparkle that both of these rings display beautifully. Eliza is a shaped diamond set band, so she’s perfect for this style of vintage engagement ring. As her curved band allows for the maximum protection.

Express Yourself

Now more than ever, the way we dress is a powerful way of saying to the world “this is who I am!”. Jewellery is a huge part of that, and it’s not unusual to feel pressured by the expectations of friends or family, who can sometimes be a bit too generous when it comes to sharing their opinions…

At Jessica Flinn we believe you should always pick the piece that is right for you. Not everyone wants a traditional engagement ring! Sometimes a simple and dainty band just won’t cut it for the nearly-wed who wants a showstopper with some weight. 

Pictured here is an heirloom stack which is just *chef’s kiss*. In a buttery 18ct yellow gold this Victorian gypsy ring has two sapphires and a diamond in a classic starburst setting. She's a celestial dream for anyone who wants their ring to be closer to antique than vintage (over 120 years old!!).

It’s definitely not a standard engagement ring, but who says it has to be? Alternative engagement rings are a fabulous way to make a statement about who you are! To make it even better, we have paired this Victorian darling with a Penelope on each side to give her the entourage she truly deserves. 

Penelope is a vintage inspired diamond set eternity ring, with decorative details across the whole band. She's available in half and full eternity, so you can really make her your own. You can even take customisation to the next level by getting in touch with our lovely team about swapping out these diamonds for sapphires to match.


Everything is hopefully crystal clear by now for any nearly-weds who were considering eloping to get out of making yet another decision. But just to recap, we have included some frequently asked questions to rid you of any lingering doubts!

Do wedding bands have to match? 

Yes, where possible, your wedding band and your vintage engagement ring should match in metal. 

Do you pick out your wedding bands together? 

Many nearly-wed’s do like their rings to match, but this is not a must! If you are a platinum fan but your partner likes all things yellow gold, instead look at matching other elements, like the colour of a stone or a matching decorative touch!

Can I wear a straight band with my shaped ring?

Yes, if it’s wed-fit. If the setting on your vintage engagement ring is not high enough, you may need to look at shaped wedding bands that fit around your ring, so that they will sit closely together.

How to pick a wedding band? 

It is all down to shape, metal and maintenance. Make sure your rings match metal, the shape of the rings fit together, and you’re happy with the level of maintenance your chosen ring will need!

And remember, if there is anything we haven’t covered, you can get in touch with our fantastic team who are always happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have!