jessica flinn does 14ct - here's why

Guys, gals, and non-binary pals, drum roll please!

Our first exciting collection of 2023, we have just launched a stunning range of 14ct gold engagement rings, made from 100% recycled gold. Featuring some of our favourite gemstones: tourmalines, sapphires, and of course, salt and pepper diamonds.

Consisting of seven ready to wear pieces, we've chosen to use 14ct recycled gold for this collection to show our customers just how great a choice it is!

Our 14ct gold is 100% recycled, and makes these unique designs even more affordable. It's also unusual to see 14ct gold jewellery in the UK, and we love to do things differently. It's a popular choice in the US, and now we know why! We love all things unexpected and a little bit rebellious, and want to make sure our one-of-a-kind engagement rings are accessible to as many people as possible.

So how does 14ct gold shape up to platinum and 18ct gold? Here's everything you need to know:

14ct gold is an alloy consisting of 58.5% pure gold, compared to 18ct with 75% pure gold

You would care for your 14ct gold piece exactly the same as 18ct. Take it to a jeweller for a clean and polish annually, or rhodium plating for white gold.

No matter which metal you choose, you should remove your rings before cleaning, applying makeup/skincare, or doing anything manual (yes that includes hoovering!)

The majority of 14ct white gold pieces are rhodium plated, but it's actually a gorgeous champagne colour underneath! Some people opt for 'naked' white gold rather than choosing to have their pieces rhodium plated.

What about wedding rings, you say? Fear not! We've got you.

All Jessica Flinn wedding rings are available in 14ct gold as standard, so you'll be able to stack to your hearts content knowing your rings are all as strong as one another.

We've already had lots of enquiries, and we're sure to keep releasing new designs to add to the collection, but don't worry if the ring you had your eye on is no longer available - get in touch and we can recreate it with a centre stone of your choice! All designs are also available in 9ct, 18ct or platinum if that's your preference.

Shop our new collection below, or get in touch with our fabulous design team if you have any questions!

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