Embracing Inclusivity: Top Tips for Bridesmaid Dress Selection

In the realm of modern weddings, the necessity for traditional roles such as bridesmaids and groomsmen is changing. Many couples are choosing to tailor their special day to suit their unique preferences, with a significant shift towards non-traditional approaches that prioritise comfort and inclusivity over long standing customs.

While some might argue that this could eliminate potential bridesmaid dress disputes, it, in fact, opens up an important dialogue. This shift towards more individualised weddings emphasises the importance of considering the feelings and comfort of everyone involved - bridesmaids, groomsmen, and any non-binary individuals included.

Weddings are events that bring people together. While the celebration is undoubtedly about the couple, it also speaks volumes when the attire selection respects and values the comfort of their closest ones.

If you decide to have bridesmaids at your wedding, we fully support you! After all, it's your wedding and your rules. If you choose to incorporate these traditional roles into your celebration, here are four top tips to keep the process as inclusive as possible.

1. Provide a Colour Palette, and Embrace a Mix-and-Match Approach

Celebrate individuality by embracing the mix-and-match bridesmaid outfit trend and consider offering a colour palette or a range of hues. This allows each bridesmaid to choose a dress that suits their personal style, body type, and budget, whilst still fitting within your chosen colour scheme. Encourage each bridesmaid to select a dress that they feel comfortable and confident in, and simultaneously create a beautifully diverse aesthetic for your wedding party.

2. Consider Various Dress Lengths and Styles

Allow your bridesmaids to choose between different dress lengths and styles. Whether they prefer a long, elegant gown or a chic cocktail dress, giving them the freedom to choose ensures everyone feels their best on your big day. It might be worth considering a tailored, colourful suit as well - they’re all over the catwalk in feminine fashion, and you see them on the red carpet all the time, so why not at your wedding?

3. Involve Them in the Decision Process

Include your bridesmaids in the decision-making process. Organise a day to discuss preferences, shop together, and support each other’s choices. This not only promotes a sense of inclusivity but also offers a wonderful pre-wedding bonding experience.

4. Prioritise Comfort

Comfort is key. Ensure that the choice of fabric, fit, and footwear allows for a day filled with dancing, laughter, and movement. After all, a comfortable bridesmaid makes for a happier, more enjoyable celebration.

By implementing these top tips, you ensure that your bridesmaids, some of the most important people in your life, feel valued and comfortable on your big day. Here's to celebrating love in all its forms!