Everything You Need to Know About Eternity Rings

You've got your eye on some additional sparkle for you or your loved one, but you're not sure it's the right time! And with eternity rings, like all traditional jewellery, there are a million different rules to follow about what, when, where, and how much. 

At Jessica Flinn, we’re not big fans of tradition, but we love breaking rules! So we’ll give you the guide, and then teach you how to tear it up! 

What Is An Eternity Ring?

Let’s start with ‘what’. What is an eternity ring? Typically an eternity ring is a gemstone set band with a pattern that goes all the way around the ring. Half eternity rings are also common, where the pattern is only on the front half of the ring. Eternity rings have a few different names, and are also sometimes called anniversary rings, or infinity rings.

Eternity Ring Meaning

These rings are steeped in symbolism. The initial eternity ring design of an unbroken gemstone set band is said to symbolise unending love and devotion. Extra meaning can be added depending on the specific design of the ring you choose! Some couples like to include birthstones to represent their growing family, and others may choose to use a family heirloom ring as their eternity ring.

When To Buy An Eternity Ring

Timing is everything, but there is no set anniversary to give or receive an eternity ring! Different sources claim anything from the first wedding anniversary, to the 50th as the traditional occasion for eternity bands. 

The only thing everyone agrees on is that they are used to mark a significant moment in a relationship. This can be a milestone anniversary, or the birth of a child. This is becoming more and more common with the growing popularity of eternity bands as push presents. Read our guide on push presents to find out more about what they mean and how to choose one for your partner.

These rings can also be combined with traditional anniversary gifts, which are often marked with precious metals or gemstones! For example, a gold eternity ring would be a perfect present for a 50th anniversary, and for a 60th anniversary: a diamond eternity band.

50th Anniversary Gift Idea

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Fern - The Botanicals Collection - Vine/Leaf Motif Geometric Emerald, Ruby or Blue Sapphire Set Floral Art Nouveau Style Wedding Band - Made-to-Order

60th Anniversary Gift Idea

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Verity - Vintage Style Grain Set Diamond Wedding Ring - Made-to-Order

Should I Get a Full or Half Eternity Ring?

Which kind of eternity band you decide on is down to personal taste in the end, but there are always practical considerations to think of! The main deciding factor is will you want your ring resized in the future? 

If you believe your ring size is likely to change this can be due to anything from planned weight loss or gain, pregnancy, or genetics) you might want to consider a half-eternity ring instead! 

Full eternity rings can sometimes be resized, but it may lead to the removal of some stones, or the addition of a blank piece of shank where the extra metal has been added.

Eternity Rings For Him

Almost everything you read about eternity rings focuses on her. But why shouldn't men and gender-neutrals get an eternity ring too? Looking good goes beyond your gender, so why not add some sparkle to that stack, however you identify? 

If you’re looking for something with more of a classic masculine appeal, Jonathan is a fantastic alternative eternity ring. With black diamonds set along one side of the band it's an ideal eternity ring if you want some subtle bling.

Another option for anyone seeking an unusual eternity ring is our trio of plant inspired five stone rings: Primrose, Clementine and Sage. These bezel set sapphire half eternity rings come in green, pink, or orange sapphires, and are the perfect statement stacker. It’s a look that is both retro and modern, and will go with your outfit on any day, whether you're feeling masculine or feminine.

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Sage - Emerald Cut Green Sapphire 5 Stone Half Rubover Eternity Style Ring in 9ct White Gold - Ready-to-Wear
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Clementine - Emerald Cut Orange and Yellow Sapphire 5 Stone Half Rubover Eternity Style Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold - Ready-to-Wear
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Primrose - Emerald Cut Pink Sapphire 5 Stone Half Rubover Eternity Style Ring in 9ct White Gold - Ready-to-Wear

Eternity Rings as Engagement and Promise Rings

A huge solitaire diamond may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an engagement ring, but that’s not for everyone. There is no reason you can't have exactly what you want, and if that happens to be a triple stack of diamond and sapphire eternity rings, go for it! We love a rebel at Jessica Flinn, and we want to be part of your love story! 

An eternity ring would make a beautiful engagement ring, but not everyone has reached the engagement stage! So if you want something special to signify your commitment, but you’re not quite ready to pop the question, that’s where promise rings come in! 

A promise ring is usually a symbol of your commitment to your partner, and is also called a ‘pre-engagement’ ring! It is worn on the left hand ring finger, and can either be swapped out for, or stacked with, your subsequent rings as they come. 

These rings are not just for romantic couples either! A promise ring can be worn to symbolise any promise between siblings, friends or family members! These platonic friendship rings can be worn on any finger, and an eternity ring is the perfect symbol for your never-ending promise!

Which Order Should You Wear Your Wedding Jewellery?

Your wedding ring will usually go on the finger first when you are wearing all of your wedding jewellery together! Next is your engagement ring, followed by your eternity or anniversary band. If you're planning on having an eternity ring as your engagement or wedding ring, these thin stackable diamond rings are the perfect choice for a classic yet unique wedding jewellery set.

If you’d like to talk to the team about creating your own bespoke eternity ring, contact the team or book an appointment!

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