Lights, Camera, Carats: The best engagement rings in film and TV

3rd January, 2024
Maddy Bradley-Few

Get ready for a roundup of the dreamiest movie and TV engagement rings ever—because nothing says "I do" like some on-screen sparkle. We're diving into the world of dazzling silver screen rings that make our hearts skip a beat, so grab your popcorn, get your favourite blanket and settle in for a movie engagement ring marathon!

Daisy’s Ring In 'The Great Gatsby'

Starting with a corker, Daisy's ring in Baz Luhrman's The Great Gatsby is an art deco engagement ring dream! The ring was designed by Tiffany especially for the film, and its no surprise that there was a surge of customers wanting to recreate the stunning creation after the movie premiered. 

A lavish cushion cut diamond takes centre stage, elegantly nestled in a dazzling cluster setting on a platinum band. The geometric allure of both the stone and the diamond pavé band would have been a contemporary design in the roaring twenties, and the ring maintains its allure to this day. The original ring, valued at an astounding £3.9 million, perfectly matches the opulence of Daisy's ultra-wealthy character in the film!

Carrie's ring in 'SEX AND THE CITY 2'

At Jessica Flinn, we're massive fans of unconventional engagement rings. So when Big finally popped the question (six seasons and two movies later!), we just loved that he chose a black diamond for Carries ring. It was by no means her first engagement ring but it's our personal favourite, It's the perfect encapsulation of her cool, experimental style so we'll forgive Big for taking so long to pop the question...

The 5 carat black diamond is set on a platinum, white diamond pavé band and was designed by jewellery designer Itay Malkin with the help of Sarah Jessica Parker. The ring is valued at £10,000!

monica's ring in 'Friends'

Monica's ring in Friends is a fan favourite, described in the show as being from the 1920s, it holds lots of antique charm! Contrary to popular belief, the ring is not a 1920s antique engagement ring; rather, it's a creation by designer Tacori from the 1990s. Tacori has revealed that even now, they continue to receive requests for the 'Monica ring,' highlighting its enduring popularity and timeless charm!

It has a 1.5 carat princess cut white diamond as its centre stone, accompanied by two trilliant cut blue sapphires on each side. Interestingly, the band is also beautifully and intricately hand engraved with a wheat pattern, making it perfect for detail obsessed Monica! In the show it's given the price of $8,600, which we think fits its intricate design and stunning gemstones.

Elle's ring in 'Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde'

A very pink addition to the list, Elle Woods' massive pink sapphire ring is everything and more that we'd expect from the iconic diva! The stunning 5 carat sapphire is a show stopper, accompanied by a trilliant white diamond on each side, it's the perfect look for her girly, playful style.

The stones are set on a beautiful platinum band which really make the hot pink centre stone pop! Reece Witherspoon assisted costume designers with the piece, so it's no surprise that it's got all the fabulous Elle Woods charm.

Aunt Eleanor's ring in 'Crazy Rich Asians'

If you're looking for lavish displays of luxury then Crazy Rich Asians is the movie for you, and Aunt Eleanor's engagement ring is no exception!

This gem's got its own spotlight, weighing in at at least 6 carats, the stunning emerald, with its vivacious green hue is not just a colour; it's a proclamation of opulence! The emerald cut gemstone is accompanied by two trilliant cut white diamonds and is set on a beautiful 18k gold band. We love how the warm glow of the metal really makes the bright green gemstone shine! Michelle Yeoh in fact owns the ring, and it was a design that she created herself. The price of this ring is a crazy rich $1 million!

blair's ring in 'Gossip Girl'

They're one of televisions most famous 'will they, wont they' couples, so when Blair and Chuck finally committed to each other we were just as excited as everyone else watching Gossip Girl!

Chuck chose a Harry Winston engagement ring for Blair with an 8 carat white diamond at its centre. The cushion cut gem is flanked by two baguette diamonds and is set in platinum. The ring is a classic, just like Blair's style, so we love this choice for her! The ring is estimated to be worth around $1 million and is a definite show stopper!

Scarlett's ring in 'gone with the Wind'

Part of cinematic history, Gone with the Wind is a classic, just like the jewellery in it! 

Scarlett's ring is a beautiful antique engagement ring, it has a 4 carat diamond at its centre and is accompanied by emeralds. The ring is so large that it's described as 'reaching to her knuckle', making it perfect for Scarlett's diva personality!

Tracy's engagement ring in 'High Society'

Grace Kelly took on the role of socialite Tracy Lord in the film and she wore her own engagement ring for the character. The dazzling emerald-cut white diamond, a substantial 10.48 carats, is gracefully complemented by two flanking baguette diamonds. 

Crafted by Cartier, the ring is set on a platinum band, achieving a perfect balance between the captivating centre stone and an understated, classy overall look. Truly fitting for the princess of Monaco!

If one of these fabulous on-screen rings has caught your eye, don't hesitate to get in touch with our sales and design team and we can work together to create you a ring thats fit for the silver screen!