Sapphire Colour Guide

The world of gemstones is a sparkling rainbow of colour, but it isn't always clear which stone is which! 

Even to a trained eye, there are lots of cheeky gemstone chameleons out there. You might have a topaz hiding out as an aquamarine, or a tourmaline hiding out as a ruby! But there is only one stone we are searching for today: Sapphire. 

But what colour is sapphire? Jessica Flinn is here to answer all your questions and guide you through this colour maze. After all, your dream sapphire is waiting!

What Colour is Sapphire?

So what colour is sapphire? Blue is the obvious answer, but it isn't the only one! 

Sapphires are one of two gemstones made of the mineral corundum, if it is the right shade of red, it becomes a Ruby. But every other colour is classed as a sapphire, including pink! Each shade has its own appeal, and its own meaning!

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How Do Sapphires Get Their Colour?

The colour of every gemstone is decided by the minerals in the ground it grows in. This is why you get different colour sapphires in different places all over the world!

Teal sapphires are some of our favourites, and are normally found in the USA (Montana Sapphire anyone?), Australia and Madagascar. If you’d like to find out more about how these fabulous gemstones are grown, check out our Sapphire Gemstone Guide.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

What Are Colour Change Sapphires?

Sometimes one colour just isn't enough, and we love having the best of both worlds. 

Introducing the colour change sapphire! These special gems take sapphire colour to the extreme, by mixing and matching two or three colours in one stunning gem. Also known as parti sapphires, the most common colour change sapphires are yellow and green. Rare combinations also show blue, pink and purple tones!

Sapphire Colour Chart

It can be hard to visualise just how iconic these sapphire colours are, so we’ve created a sapphire colour chart! 

Which Colour Sapphire is Best?

The only person who can decide which sapphire is best, is you! The highest graded sapphire still won’t be right if you don't like the colour. 

Ask your jeweller if you're unsure about the quality of a stone, but prioritise the sparkle of a sapphire that captures your heart, not one that looks good on paper. If it’s going to be your forever stone, it should be love at first sight! 

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Which Sapphire Colour is the Rarest?

With their delicate mix of pink and orange, the peachy padparadscha sapphire is the rarest of all the sapphire colours! Padparadscha is especially rare, because it relies on the ideal balance of its tones! If it doesn't make the grade, the sapphire will be classed as just pink or orange. 

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Which Sapphire Colour is Most Expensive?

Padparadscha may be the rarest, but she isn't the only sapphire with a price tag to match her looks! The best quality classic blue sapphire can easily be ranked as the most expensive sapphire colour. 

1 to 2ct sapphires range from around £300.00 - £4,760.00 in price, with 5ct stones or higher starting at £30,000! Just remember, a higher priced stone doesn't always mean you’ll get the ring you want! 

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Find Your Sapphire Colour With Jessica Flinn

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