in taylor we trust: a collection in honour of the t. swift uk tour

In the wake of the magnificent being that is Taylor Swift announcing her UK tour, our resident T. Swift superfan, Charlotte, has designed a showstopping collection of rings based on Taylor's current and previous albums.

We asked her to talk us through her thoughts behind each ring design, and why this tour means so much to Charlotte and her fellow fanatics.

She also filled us in about Taylor's furry friends, and why her 'fearless' fans will always be in their Taylor Swift Era. 

Why are we so excited about her UK tour announcement?

Taylors last tour of the UK was in 2018 for her record breaking (may I say life changing?) Reputation tour. Covid, unfortunately, meant that her planned Lover Fest tour was cancelled, and so we have been anxiously waiting for Taylor’s next UK shows, it’s been a long time coming.

Has she toured in the UK before?

Taylor has toured the UK many times before, for her Reputation tour in 2018, and dating all the way back to her Fearless tour in 2009, with tours for Speak now, 1989 and Red in-between.

Why did you want to design the rings in honour of her albums?

Taylor swift is an ever-changing and ever-growing mastermind. Her albums switch between genres and themes, each with their own unique sound that separates them from each other. I wanted to come up with rings that like her albums, would have their own unique theme and style to match with each album.

Can you tell a little bit about each ring, and maybe some context about where she was in her life at that stage etc?


The Alison ring is inspired by the gorgeous colours within her Taylor Swift album cover, filled with gorgeous sea blues and greens and was a perfect ring to use our favourite teal sapphires in. The asymmetric clusters are reminiscent of the fabulous bouncy curls of her hair. Taylor was only 16 when her debut album was released, and some of the songs had been written as young as 12.


The Abi ring is inspired by Taylor swift’s iconic “Fearless spin”. Featured in her Fearless Tour, and recently her Era’s tour, which always gets the fans going crazy. Yellow was the obvious choice for this centre stone, inspired by the gorgeous golden shade of her album cover.


The Hayley ring is inspired by Taylors flowing dress on the album cover for Speak Now. The gorgeous shade of purple is so eye-catching and just screams Speak Now. Arguably a fan favourite album, Swifties are highly anticipating the release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) on July 7th.


The Autumn ring takes inspiration from Taylors stunning Cathy Waterman ring, worn on the cover of her Red (Taylor’s Version) album. The ring features beaded detail, and we know all too well it had to include a gorgeous red stone, I chose a garnet for that incredible deep red colour.


The Liberty ring had to be simple, clean and stunning. I chose a gorgeous pale blue sapphire, inspired by the pale sky blue tones featured on the album cover. I felt that the rectangular cut stones were reminiscent of the polaroid images that were included in the deluxe editions.


There will be no further explanation. There will just be reputation.The Bonnie ring had to be bold, and stand out. The Reputation album was Taylor’s way of taking back the narrative from the toxic media industry, and breaking down the walls (or suitcases) that had kept her in hiding for nearly 3 years. The Reputation ring includes a stunning kite cut deep smokey salt and pepper diamond.


Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand? The Lover ring features a stunning pink pear cut sapphire, and is surrounded by a halo of diamonds, blue sapphires, and tanzanites, creating an incredible ombre of colours inspired by the gorgeous tones on the album cover. Lover was Taylor’s first album that was completely hers. After breaking free of record labels we won’t mention here, Taylor was able to own the masters for her Lover album, and was inspired to re-record her past albums so she could own those too.


Folklore, for me and so many other Swift fans, was the soft blanket that got us through the loneliness of the Covid lockdowns. Released as a surprise album, she really did take us by surprise, with a brand new genre she had not explored before. The Folklore ring features a large salt and pepper oval cut diamond, and is joined by a pair of salt and pepper pear cut diamonds, and finished with four marquise cut diamonds. It really gives folklore fairy vibes.


The sister album to Folklore, Taylor’ went and surprised us again with Evermore. A similar, yet still unique sibling, Evermore takes on the same folk sound. With a large oval cut sapphire, joined with four marquise cut diamonds, the Evermore ring would look gorgeous as a set when paired with the Folklore ring.


I may not be able to make the whole place shimmer, but this ring definitely can. Inspired by the night sky and Taylor’s gorgeous deep blue bodysuit during the Midnights section of the Era’s tour. This ring has some serious sparkle, with a hexagon cut blue moissanite, surrounded by round brilliant cut lab grown diamonds, and finished off with marquise cut lab grown diamonds on the shank for a more eye-catching shimmer.


To finish up the collection, the Era’s ring collects all of Taylor’s albums together in an eternity style ring, and presents them in a fabulous timeline of her albums so we can all celebrate her journey along with her.

what are some of the reasons you're such a dedicated fan?

She's such an inspiration for so many women around the world - she stands up for women's rights and strongly supports the LGBTQIA+ community, which is something I align with on a personal level, and that Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery strongly aligns with. Her song, 'You Need to Calm Down', even focuses on LGBTQIA+ allyship. She also donates to homeless shelters, food banks and other great causes in every city she visits whilst she's on tour.

I'm also a huge animal lover, and Taylor is too! She is a massive cat lover, and currently has 3 cats, Olivia, Meredith, and Benjamin. Benjamin was adopted by Taylor when she met him on set for the ME! music video and fell in-love with those bright blue eyes.

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