Engagement Ring Trends Through the Decades

Vintage engagement ring

Just as every type of jewellery or fashion, engagement ring styles go through different trends. Let's take a look at some of the popular styles from the last few decades and see how they’ve evolved over time.


The engagement ring trends of the 1970s focussed on yellow gold, giving a warm, rich hue. There was also the introduction of stone shapes such as marquise and pear cut diamonds which offered an alternative to the traditional round cut. The style of the 70s was heavily focussed on natural colours, shapes and fabrics, which was mirrored in their engagement rings through organic motifs and floral patterns. These were often either engraved into the band or were achieved through the structure of the setting!


The 1980s were all about boldness and flashiness, an era defined by opulence and glamour, reflected in engagement ring choices. Larger diamonds became the norm, and white metals like platinum and white gold were highly popular. The princess cut diamond rose to prominence during this decade, offering a modern touch to engagement rings. Often paired with a pavé band, this stone shape added an extra layer of glamour and sophistication.


The engagement ring trend of the 1990s was simplicity and minimalism, with a big focus on the solitaire ring style. Previous decades saw bigger and bolder designs, and the 90s was a decade where people moved to more understated, classic designs such as solitaire and trilogy engagement rings. With its classic and timeless appeal, the round cut diamond became a staple for engagement rings in this era. Platinum engagement rings were also a firm favourite among nearlyweds in the 90s as it provided a versatile look.

1970s Inspiration

Sapphire ring

1980s inspiration

lab grown diamond ring

1990s inspiration

lab grown diamond round cut ring


The 2000s were all about the halos, with this style of engagement ring taking the world by storm. There was also a big rise in more modern gemstone cuts such as princess and asscher cuts, which were more often than not, diamonds. However, it was in the 2000s when alternatives to diamonds became more popular. Moissanite rings saw a big increase in popularity as it gave the appearance of a diamond but at a much lower price. Many couples in this era were also seeking more unique styles and opted for bespoke rings, giving them the freedom to create a ring that's completely personal.


The 2010s saw the rise of rose gold engagement rings, with its pink, warm hue capturing the hearts of many nearlyweds. This decade saw lots of couples opting for a more creative approach to their engagement rings, opting for mixed metals and distinctive styles such as cluster rings. There was also an increase in the use of alternative gemstones such as salt and pepper diamonds, sapphires and tourmalines, all of which can be cut into unusual shapes such as hexagons and coffins.


In our current decade we’re seeing a trend forming of people putting ethical choices at the forefront of their ring buying process. In fact, lab diamonds have become so popular that their sales have jumped from $1 billion in 2016 to $11 billion in 2022! At Jessica Flinn, we put ethical sourcing at the forefront of all of our designs. Take a look at our ethical pledge to read more about how we operate on an ethical level. 

In recent years we’ve seen a return to the more paired back, simple designs, with solitaire oval cut diamonds taking the world by storm. However, there has also been a rise in popularity of vintage inspired, Art Deco designs and settings such as toi et moi rings! 

2000s Inspiration

salt and pepper diamond halo ring

2010s inspiration

rose gold engagement ring

2020s inspiration

emerald cut lab grown diamond ring

Looking to the Future

Our Senior Designer, Emma Fathers, has used her trend expertise to make some exciting predictions about what will gain popularity in the coming year:

High Fashion

In the past year, there has been a significant shift towards nature-inspired designs in the fashion world. Major events like the Met Gala embraced this trend with their 'Garden of Time' theme. Renowned brands such as Gucci High Jewellery have also joined in, creating floral-inspired pieces; one standout piece was worn by Jodie Turner-Smith at the Venice Film Festival, featuring diamonds and vibrant green emeralds. We've embraced this trend as well, recently releasing a new collection, the Botanicals Collection, inspired by the Art Nouveau period, characterised by its floral and nature motifs, which we think is perfectly on trend! 

The Toi et Moi Moment

Toi et moi rings are certainly having their moment, with many celebrities choosing this style for their engagement rings. We've seen various stunning versions, such as Ariana Grande's pearl and diamond toi et moi, Megan Fox's emerald and diamond ring, and Emily Ratajkowski's double diamond toi et moi engagement ring. To learn more about the toi et moi style, check out our blog post dedicated to it!

Colour Me Red

Red has been booming, with the golden globes being full of celebs rocking bright red dresses, suits and jewellery. We’re loving this bright and bold trend that’s taking the world by storm and can’t help but look to some of our favourite ruby rings for some inspiration!

How to Choose an Engagement Ring

When selecting an engagement ring, remember that you'll likely be wearing it every day, so it's crucial to choose one that truly resonates with you rather than following current trends. While we adore the trends sweeping the fashion and jewellery worlds, ensure you're not choosing a ring solely because a beloved celebrity wore it or because it's the popular style of the moment. At Jessica Flinn, we believe in standing out from the crowd and celebrating individuality so don't be afraid to let your personality shine through your engagement ring.

Find Your Dream Ring With Jessica Flinn

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect ring then book an appointment with one of our jewellery experts, we can help you find the ring of your dreams either in person or through virtual appointments. Our bespoke design service allows you to create your perfect engagement ring from scratch, while our custom service lets you customise one of our existing designs!