Jewellery and Ring Re-designing 

We offer a full range of custom jewellery re-design services from bespoke to repairs and re-modelling.

Inherited Jewellery

Jewellery inherited from loved ones or handed down from previous generations is precious. Sometimes it needs a little help to bring it back to life and create a piece that suits your style.  A simple modification or re-design around the original stones or metal will retain the sentimental value.

We understand it is hard to put such a valuable piece into someone else’s hands but you can trust us . Designer Jessica Flinn and her team of expert gold and silversmiths have unparalleled skills, knowledge and experience.


Fashions charge even in jewellery.  If you no longer wish to wear a piece of jewellery in its existing form but want to create something up-to-date and wearable, then our remodelling service is the ideal solution.

We can reuse the materials, reset a gemstone or use the essence of the original pieces as inspiration for something completely new.

Imagine if you lost your ring...

After sales ring care

We work with a specialist jewellery insurer to offer the best cover to our customers. Your engagement ring will probably be one of the most expensive items in your jewellery collection so we help you with advice about protecting it for the future.

Rings and jewellery need regular maintenance and cleaning.  When you return for your wedding rings we can make sure your engagement ring fits well and looks new again, sparkling.