You'd be mistaken for thinking Jessica Flinn was a one woman show. Although Jessica started Jessica Flinn alone in a workshop, with just her tools and some very big ideas... ten years have passed, and a lot has changed.

Jessica Flinn is now a vibrant team of skilled designers, jewellers and forever ring advocates. We work tirelessly to create stunning salt & pepper rings, timeless sapphire rings, and stand-out wedding rings, all destined to capture precious moments and tell stories for lifetimes. We're no ordinary jewellers. We're a team with personality, creating rings with personality... for people with personality.

Jessica Flinn-Allen

Managing Director | Principal Designer

Jessica is our founder, resident gemstone expert and principal designer. She's the driving force behind each of our collections, and is responsible for helping more of our beautiful rings meet their forever fingers. 

Her passion lies in designing alternative rings using unusual sapphires and diamonds. Outside of the world of gemstones, Jessica loves travelling to new countries, lives for ski season and is training for the 2021 London Marathon. 

Her favourite ring? Our gorgeous Serena!

Ollie Allen

Creative Director

As Jess' husband, Ollie has been part of Jessica Flinn since it first began. A furniture designer by trade, Ollie has turned his creative skills to all aspects of the business. He's our resident photographer, procurement manager and keeps everyone looked after with his coffee making skills. 

Ollie loves craft beer, cooking and exploring in the Peaks with Moss the dog. He also makes rings for Flinn & Steel Rings.

His favourite ring? It has to be the Ophelia.

Rosemary Flinn

Finance Director 

Rosemary has been working with Jess since the beginning. Not only is she a shareholder, she looks after all of our finances, HR, assists with website administration and works with Jess to make key business decisions. 

When she isn't keeping things moving behind the scenes, Rosi loves crafting, knitting, sewing outfits for her grandchildren and enjoys the occasional trip to the theatre. 

Her favourite ring? The Carmen, of course!

Hayley Toothill-Taylor

Marketing Manager

Hayley has watched the Jessica Flinn brand grow, and jumped at the chance to work with unique engagement and wedding rings. She handles marketing for the website, emails, PR and lots more. 

When she isn't writing about salt & pepper diamonds, Hayley is a keen potter and vase maker, a writer and loves going on adventures with her young family. 

Her favourite ring? It's got to be Isabelle.

Emma Fathers

Junior Designer

With a traditional jeweller background, Emma has a wealth of diamond, gemstone and precious metal knowledge. She supports Jess on the design of our collections, handles bespoke enquiries and is our resident hand model. 

Outside of work Emma loves to draw, spend time in the Peak District and throw shapes in her kitchen. 

Her favourite ring? The sparkling green/blue Adaline.

Amy Wright

Laser Technician

Amy has 15 years under her belt as a laser engraver, working at the Sheffield Assay Office as a Laser Technician and Hallmarker. 

When Amy isn't engraving rings for us and Flinn & Steel Rings, she can be found spending time with her daughter and husband and watching true crime documentaries.

Amy loves the Callie so much, she's got one!

Amy Hulbert

Operations Manager

Amy works on both sides of the business for Jessica Flinn and Flinn & Steel Rings. She knows exactly where each ring is at any given time, and ensures every ring is dispatched safely to its forever finger. 

When she isn't organising our many dispatches, Amy can be found catching up on the latest episode of Queer Eye and watching horror films. 

Her favourite ring? She's all about the Arden.

Charlotte Johnson

Trainee Design Assistant

Responsible for taking customer design ideas all the way through to the finished product. The ring that they can wear on their forever finger. 

She spends her days sourcing beautiful gemstones and designing bespoke rings. In her spare time she spends way too much time on illustrator as illustration is one of her main hobbies. 

If she had to pick one of the rings herself it would be the Ophelia and Arrietty combo.

Grace Stephenson

Head of Showroom

Grace is our Head of Showroom, which means if you ever have the pleasure of heading to Jessica Flinn HQ, you're likely to meet her! She's also part of our design team, alongside Jessica and Emma.

When she's not working with beautiful diamonds and sapphires, Grace loves walking in the Peak District with her Cocker Spaniels Digby and Lola.

Her favourite ring? Perhaps a bespoke number for Galentine's!


"Jessica Flinn is on a mission to create non-traditional fine jewellery and forever rings bursting with personality, to tell the stories of their owners for generations to come!"



Aged just 4 (and a half), Carmen has been developing her jewellery design skills for, well... 4 and a half years. She loves pink and sparkles, and her favourite thing to draw is diamond rings. 

Meanwhile, Robin started his diamond grading journey 2 and a half years ago. These days, Robin knows his sapphires from his diamonds, and is currently learning his diamond cuts. 



Meet Moss and Silver. Moss is our Head of Security (sorry Brian the postman) and loves to join us in the office for cuddles, especially with Emma. Silver, on the other hand, is much more illusive. She joins us to input her design ideas when she feels like it - otherwise she can be found playing in the woods behind our workshop!



Gemstone Expert

Prabhu is one of our go-to gemstone suppliers. Based in London's Hatton Garden, Jayanti has an extensive knowledge of diamonds, sapphires and lots more. Prabhu supplies stunning stones for many of our engagement and wedding rings.

Ben Friend

Bench Jeweller

Ben is a skilled jeweller and goldsmith, sharing his skills with budding jewellery makers as a teacher. Although he lives in Chesterfield, he works not too far from us. When he isn't working on rings, he's out on his motorbike.

Dimitar Hitrov

Master Craftsman

Dimitar is a master craftsman based in London's Hatton Garden. With decades of experience, he specialises in stone setting and loves it when we send him a complicated ring. We work with both Dimitar and his wife Tanya. 


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