INherited jewellery

Often when loved ones pass their jewellery is passed down to the next generation. It may contain beautiful gemstones, be made from precious materials and have a deep sentimental value. Often these items aren't to our current tastes, they can be dated and not in fashion designs. That's where the Jessica Flinn inherited jewellery service can come into play. 

We can design one of a kind engagement rings using the gemstones from your heirloom jewellery. 

We can melt down and re-fashion gold jewellery to create something completely different but it would still retain it's sentimental value. 

The on this page showing a diamond ring with a yellow gold ring shank was an item of jewellery passed down to a son. We used the gemstones from the design and created a completely new one of a kind ring. The gemstones moved to their new home in the new engagement ring. This design was created in Platinum with the heirloom gemstones. 

Often the original piece of jewellery can be saved too. We can put new gemstones into the original ring so it can still be worn and passed on to the next generation too. 

Get in touch if you have some heirloom jewellery which you would like turning into a new design. Or perhaps you have some diamond jewellery which you would like to transform into a new engagement ring. 

Our initial consultations are completely free of charge and have no obligation. We can advise you on different ways we can use your heirloom jewellery and how it can be up-cycled, redesigned and transformed into something new.