"Game, Set, Sparkle!" Grand Slam Elegance With Our Wimbledon-inspired Engagement Rings

Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery is serving aces, and it's not just on the tennis court! We're volleying our love for Wimbledon, the iconic British event, straight into our dazzling new range of tennis-themed engagement rings.

Leading the game is "Serena", a ring that encapsulates the spirit of Wimbledon's green and purple hues. Serena is more than an engagement ring; it's a trophy for the love of your life. With a radiant round-cut green sapphire at its core, a perfect pair of brilliant cut diamonds by its side, and ten round cut purple sapphires completing the circle, its sparkle is more radiant than a Wimbledon champion's trophy. Just as in tennis, Serena always has the advantage. And the best part? No rain delay! This beauty, crafted from 100% recycled gold or platinum, is made to order in 6–8 weeks, starting at only £1400.

“When I took on the challenge of designing the Wimbledon themed engagement ring collection, I drew inspiration from the iconic Wimbledon logo. I aimed to blend classic elements with a playful 'tennis ball' twist, resulting in a design that perfectly encapsulates the essence of this prestigious event. Green sapphires were an obvious choice, as they align seamlessly with Jessica Flinn's brand identity.

Staying true to Wimbledon's timeless tradition, I incorporated the iconic halo design, which symbolises the heritage of the tournament. To infuse a modern touch, I introduced vibrant colours that truly pop. Balancing tradition and contemporary style was a meticulous process, but I believe we achieved a flawless outcome.

Crafting this collection demanded intricate attention to detail, from selecting the perfect green sapphires to executing the intricate design elements. I take immense pride in capturing the spirit of Wimbledon while infusing it with our unique artistic vision.

The Wimbledon themed engagement ring collection reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional designs that evoke emotion and stand the test of time. It's a celebration of tradition, style, and the love that blossoms during this iconic season. Being part of this project brings me great joy, as we offer couples a truly remarkable way to commemorate their love story."

 Emma Fathers, Junior Designer, Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery

Next up is the "Venus," our Strawberries and Cream Engagement Ring—a head-turner in our mini Wimbledon collection. Venus is not just a ring; it's a statement. At its heart is a captivating curved trilliant-cut ruby, surrounded by a blazing cluster of fiery round rubies and two audacious rose-cut white diamonds. Its centre stone rocks a bezel setting, bringing an edge to its elegance. Venus is for those who don't just play the game, but those who change it. Inspired by the iconic Wimbledon tradition of strawberries and cream, Venus is a daring, captivating ring that's crafted with exceptional skill.

“According to recent findings from "The Knot.com," a leading authority in the wedding industry, there is a fascinating trend emerging in the realm of weddings. A remarkable 42% of weddings took place between September and November in 2022, making it the prime season for couples to say their vows. With an average engagement period ranging from 12 to 18 months, this summer is poised to witness a surge in proposals, paving the way for an unforgettable wedding season in 2024.”

“Our Wimbledon themed engagement ring collection arrives at a perfect juncture, capturing the essence of tradition and summer romance. As experts in the field, we recognize the significance of these trends and invite couples to embrace the spirit of Wimbledon, infusing their love story with elegance, nostalgia, and a promise of enduring happiness. This collection serves as a tribute to the cherished traditions of love and offers couples a unique opportunity to embark on their journey with a touch of sophistication and timeless style.” 

Jessica Flinn-Allen Jewellery CEO, Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery.

Here at Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery, we don't just break the rules; we rewrite them. We proudly strike a balance between style and sustainability, using recycled gold and traceable gemstones. We're not just playing for style points; we're aiming for a sustainable future.

Whether you're a tennis superfan or someone who knows the true value of a grand slam design, we're serving you pieces that are sure match-winners. With Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery, when it comes to engagement rings, it's always game, set, and sparkle.