What are Salt & Pepper diamonds?

Recently we have been getting more requests for designs which feature Salt & Pepper diamonds. And we are so pleased about it. We love Salt & Pepper diamonds here at Jessica Flinn Jewellery. 

When it comes to all diamonds whether they are white (colourless), grey, coloured or salt & peppers, one key thing to consider is the "personality" inside the stone.

The personality, which is officially called the "clarity" refers to what's going on inside the stone. Whether there's lots of marks, clouds and dots or wether it's flawless. 

If you're aiming for a clear look white diamond then you would want to choose diamonds with a high clarity grade. You would want to choose IF (Internally Flawless) or VVS-VS (Very, very small to Very small) for inclusions. 

Salt & Pepper diamonds are the opposite end of the spectrum. They're perfectly, imperfect. Filled with lots of personality, also known as the "inclusions". 

A Salt and Pepper Diamond has a mix of many black and white inclusions or flaws. "Salt" is the name for the white inclusions while "Pepper" is the name for the black inclusions. Hence, salt & pepper diamonds! 

Salt-and-pepper diamonds are still diamonds, which does mean they're still incredibly rare and valuable. It also means they're usually a lot less expensive than white diamonds with minimal or no inclusions. So they're a great price point! 

Salt & Pepper diamonds can be, more grey, more black or more white. They can also have lots of inclusions or just a few. You can also get salt & pepper diamonds that look like Dalmatian spots - they're very cool. 

Unlike Black diamonds, they're normally natural and not treated to give the salt & pepper appearance. 

There are two types of diamond cuts for Salt & Pepper designs

1) Rose Cut

These tend to be quite deep in shape and although traditionally facetted they don't have perfect facets like modern cut diamonds. 

2) Brilliant Cut

Some salt and pepper diamonds are cut like modern diamonds. With all the facets and all the sparkle. 

And they come in all the usual shapes from pear to round! 

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