At Jessica Flinn we march to the beat of our own drum, just like our amazing clients. You won’t find us researching the fashion trends here, instead we focus on designing unique wedding rings which will look amazing now and will continue to be loved for decades to come.

The perfect wedding ring can be found in the happy place between an ‘of the moment’ design and something completely timeless. Banish the trends of now and explore wedding rings that you love, that will still feel amazing to future you.

Here are our top wedding ring predictions for our 2021 season. Designs that we have been loving in autumn 2020 and what you see in our near future at Jessica Flinn. 

1. Tiara and nesting wedding rings

Whether you’ve been blessed with a dramatic engagement ring and you’re looking for something equally dramatic to sit alongside it, or you’ve got a simple engagement ring and you’re ready to take your ring stack to the next level, then tiara and nesting rings are for you. Designed to fit perfectly around your engagement ring and with a mix of white diamond cuts, tiara rings are the perfect wedding ring when you want to add a little drama. 

White diamond rings aren’t going to go out of fashion (ever) and no one gets to the end of their life wishing they had less diamonds, so now is the time to confidently dive in. 

Traditionally, the bridal ring stack was made of three rings – a diamond set engagement ring with simple plain wedding band which was often followed by a diamond set eternity ring a few years later, perhaps after a baby or a big anniversary.

Fast forward, and these days we see brides choosing the diamonds now. Why wait for a potential third ring when you can have the sparkle in your stack as soon as your big day? After all, that right hand is looking terribly bare so an eternity ring can always head that way in the future if needs must!

(Photos show Joanie & Arabella stacking rings)

Why we love them: 

There are lots of shapes available, from simple waves to arches which will fit with most engagement ring styles

They add drama and personality to your ring stack

Why wait for more diamonds in the future? You can always have a right hand ring for your anniversary. 

Top Tip: When choosing a tiara ring, think about the shape of your engagement ring, if you have a halo an arch shaped ring will work well. If you have a ring with side stones, a simple wave will fit best. Speak to your designer about customising your ring to make it a perfect fit too. 

2. Beaded and patterned wedding rings

While classic polished rings are lovely, we know they’re not for everyone. That’s why at Jessica Flinn we like to add ‘a little extra’ to our wedding rings where we can. From beaded details to ribbon twists and laurel patterns to floral designs; we add delicate and feminine patterns to our wedding rings. 

We love patterned wedding rings as they catch the light beautifully, often looking like they’re diamond encrusted when in reality it's the clever little design details that are doing all the talking. 

We have a collection of straight patterned rings, as well as lots of lovely shaped to fit options making engraved wedding rings a great option for brides-to-be. 

(Photographs show Olive and Quinn)

Why we love them:

They work with both wed-fit (high profile) and low profile engagement rings

They’re not diamond set so can be worn by doctors and healthcare professionals

They add a little extra to your bridal stack, but still let your engagement ring do the talking

Top Tip: Six months before your wedding is the best time to start thinking about your wedding rings. If you’re going for something bespoke, give your jeweller at least two months to make the perfect wedding ring for you. Wedding rings are also definitely something you can sort in advance and you can get them ticked off the to-do-list in the middle of planning your wedding.

3. Victorian Inspired wedding rings

If there’s anything the Victorian era did right, it was the jewellery! From delicate motifs and textures to the huge use of gemstones, we still take a lot of our jewellery inspiration from this period today. We predict we will see lots of engraved and diamond set victorian inspired wedding rings in our future. 

Our carved designs are the perfect mix of delicate and substantial. Their engraved details are eye catching and their diamonds dance in the light around the ring. 
Victorian-inspired designs are slim so they won’t draw too much attention from your gorgeous engagement ring – complementing it rather than stealing the show. The perfect sidekick, with a little history and heritage thrown in. 

(Photographed Bethan and Laurel)

Why we love them: 

They look great in both straight wedding ring profiles and shaped to fit

Timeless designs which will still look fantastic for decades to come

A little sparkle now, leaving enough space for that epic eternity ring in the future 

Top Tip: Pick a wedding ring in the same metal as your engagement ring so they don’t damage each other over time. If they’re the same strength and carat metal they’ll sit harmoniously together.

4. Nature inspired wedding rings

If there’s anything 2020 forced us to do, it’s reconnect with nature. Lots of us found a longing for our daily exercise during lockdown and we have really noticed nature inspired design creeping back into our engagement ring designs. To complement these engagement rings, we predict that there will be lots of nature inspired wedding rings in our collection for 2021. 

We love nature inspired wedding rings as they’re delicate and feminine and often have lots of flow and movement in the designs. Nature inspired rings are the perfect choice when you’re looking for something a little wider which can be worn on it’s own without your engagement ring. Like traditional celtic designs, the pattern flows around your finger creating that perfect balance between a wide ring without the weight of a solid ring design.

(Photographed Eveline and Autumn

Why we love them:

Feminine and floral patterns which can be worn with or without an engagement ring

Wider ring designs without the heavy weight of a thicker traditional ring

Perfect as an eternity ring or right hand ring too

Top Tip: Think about if you’re going to want to wear your engagement ring everyday or if you want your wedding ring to stand alone. Then pick a wedding ring which works with your lifestyle. 

5. Unusual wedding ring designs for men

Let's not forget the men in our lives – they deserve a fabulous and unique wedding ring too. Whilst most grooms-to-be tend to pick simple wedding rings, why not add a little drama to the inside of the ring? 

At Jessica Flinn we have a range of 3D printed wedding rings including leaf designs and honeycomb patterns. They’re the perfect conversation starter at parties (and weddings!) and there’s nothing that quite matches that special feeling knowing you’ve got something just for you. 

(Photographed Barnaby)

Why we love them:

Unique designs without them being too ‘in your face’

Conversation starter and ideal for those who love a gadget/clever design

Available in brushed/soft matt finishes too for an understated look

Top Tip: Go for a brushed or textured finish so your man’s wedding ring stays in good condition for longer. The brushed and textured finish rings are more forgiving to everyday knocks and wear. 

Don’t forget you can always talk to us about your wedding ring choice, our design team is ready to help you with your choice. Get in touch with us here.

Oh and before we forget to tell you, we also see lots of baguette cut diamonds in our wedding rings in 2021, but you’ll have to check back in the spring to see those! They’ll be launching in the spring ahead of the wedding season. 




Our range of stackable wedding and tiara rings has been designed to nestle beautifully with our collection of unique engagement rings, in addition to the most popular shapes. To help you find the perfect match to your engagement ring at home, we've created a printable guide, so you can decide if a dramatic tiara, or a simple waved band is the one for you.